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The Grooming Guru: Yvette Sybert is Pupologie’s Pet-Loving Pro

Oct 24, 2011 08:15PM ● By Linda Sechrist

After designing a stress-free environment for Pupologie [puh-pah-luh-jee], a pet boutique and resource center in Encinitas, owners Denise and Brendon Clifton knew they wanted to offer their clients the services of the best groomer in town. Not willing to settle for anyone who couldn’t meet their high expectations, the couple searched for more than a year before finding Yvette Sybert, whose pet grooming skills turn out well-coiffed, four-legged clients that range in size from Persian cats, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers to standard poodles and Airedale terriers.

A Vista resident whose heart belonged to photography and painting before she fell in love with grooming pets in 2001, Sybert now enjoys using her talents more broadly on furry four-paws that look forward to seeing her. “My clients and I are on a first-name basis and maintain a friendly relationship,” says Sybert.

Zoie, a Lhasa Apso, shows her teeth to smile up at Sybert when it’s her turn on the grooming table. “Her owner says that when she tells Zoie she’s going to see me, Zoie gets the wiggles and tail-wags, which makes me feel good about the care I take to make their experience with me a good one,” says Sybert.

The grooming services offered at Pupologie include teeth cleaning and advice on shampoos and conditioners, de-shedding and dry skin treatments. The shop also offers advice on proper nutrition, choosing the right quality pet foods, banishing fleas naturally and avoiding allergies often caused by cheap fillers in pet foods. “I use what I’ve learned from Denise and Brendon to help pets live a healthy lifestyle, because it’s important to me that the animals I work on have a good and happy life,” she advises.

Sybert says it took her about two years to really understand the dynamics and behavior of the various breeds she works with. “Each animal has a different personality and demeanor,” she explains. “I really try to take my time and cater to each pet’s needs while creating an environment that is as low-stress as possible.”

An animal lover from childhood, Sybert grew up with her mother’s cats. “My mom loved cats and so I did I; however, I always secretly wanted a dog, because I enjoyed my neighbor’s dog, which followed me everywhere,” she recalls. Even before Sybert began her career as a pet groomer, she indulged her childhood dream and rescued a standard dachshund, Stretch, and later, a Staffordshire bull terrier, Sky, and a Lab-pit mix, Scotch.

Pupologie, the Cliftons’ well-thought-out pet boutique and resource center, is a true culture of pet-centric living and revolves around educating and empowering pet parents with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the products they choose for their animal companions. “It’s about getting real food and nutrition into the bowls of every pet, no matter the budget,” says Denise, who not only focuses on research and education, but also takes time to educate and inspire every employee, including Sybert, because she considers them a valuable apprentice.

Location: 123 N. El Camino Real, Ste. G, Encinitas. For more information, call 760-436-1226 or visit

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