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Dogs Weigh In: NaturVet™ Slim-N-Fit™ joins the battle of the bulge in helping dogs maintain a healthy weight

Oct 24, 2011 08:15PM

Over 50% of America’s pet population is overweight or obese. Obesity can contribute to poor health and can significantly reduce lifespan because of the added stress to a dog’s body. Losing weight is a multi-step process starting with NaturVet Slim-N-Fit.  Formulated to help dogs maintain a healthy weight, Slim-N-Fit is the first line of defense against a dog’s battle of the bulge.

Slim-N-Fitis formulated with the clinically proven non-stimulant carb blocker Phase 2 Pet. Studies show it cuts starch absorption up to 75%, neutralizing carbohydrate calories by blocking the body’s ability to absorb them. In a published veterinary trial, fifteen dogs showed an average weight loss of almost 5% over an 8-week period and an average abdominal girth reduction of 1.44 inches per dog. This weight loss was attributed to fat loss and not loss of muscle. More results can be expected when combined with good nutrition and exercise.

Slim-N-Fitstands apart from other weight loss supplements with a proprietary blend of extracts including Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea and Grape Seed. These extracts help combat fat accumulation, support weight control, and control body weight. Probiotics are added to maintain intestinal tract health and prebiotics help support digestion.

As a bonus, every box of Slim-N-Fitcomes with the Slim-N-FitProgram packed with weight loss tools: Personal Weight Charts, Pet Evaluations, Weight Recommendations, Benefits of Exercising, Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, Ask-A-Trainer, and much more.

Garmon Corporation, makers of NaturVet, Pet Organics, GreenTree and Overby Farms is one of the largest pet supplement manufacturers in the United States. For more information, go to or call 888-628-8783.

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