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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Practical WooWoo: The Art and Science of You

Oct 31, 2011 08:38AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Nancy Pabers

Critical thinking has always come easy to Nancy Pabers. It particularly came in handy when she discovered that her ladder of success was propped up against the wrong wall. Pabers put her higher-order thinking to work—challenging prior assumptions about a fast track career that culminated in a vice presidency for a Fortune 500 company. This life changing realization resulted in the founding of her company, Practical WooWoo…the art & science of You. “I felt this was the best way to generate alternative perspectives and possibilities for a more fulfilling life and career,” says Pabers.

“I was living a life that the majority of 30-year old individuals dream of. What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t choosing a path, but rather life was simply happening to me,” explains Pabers. As her personal revelations continued, she realized several other important things: she had lost passion for her work, and her migraine headaches, which had once been infrequent, were now common. “That’s when I woke up to the fact that a paycheck was just a paycheck. My values weren’t in alignment with my work, and the headaches would cease when I found purposeful and meaningful work,” notes Pabers.

A Ph.D. in healing sciences from the New Mexico Theological Seminary, combined with her engineering and business degrees, uniquely positioned Pabers to create a company dedicated to the personal growth and development of others. “Now I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives. I’m educating, motivating and inspiring them to become connected to, as well as knowledgeable in, the use of mind-body-spirit integration techniques. This helps them achieve a sense of health, balance, wholeness and well-being,” enthuses Pabers. In addition to developing inner connections, she helps her clients to feel a broader connection to the neighborhoods, communities and businesses where they live and work.

“I help people get comfortable with the fact that energy work, meditation, and awareness, are powerful words in the language of wellness,” says Pabers.

Practical WooWoo, 4475 Mission Blvd., Ste. 203, San Diego 92109. Call 858-531-2468 or visit