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Health is Wealth: For David Fitzgibbons

Oct 31, 2011 08:38AM ● By Lee Walker

It’s not always true that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. The city known for the sound of cha-ching, spinning roulette wheels and ringing slot machines is also known for conventions and expos. What Fitzgibbons did in Vegas in 2001 is something he has never stopped telling people, and undoubtedly won’t.

Fitzgibbons, who believes that health is wealth, attributes his good fortune in Vegas to meeting Dr. Larry Lytle, author, low-level laser researcher and creator of the Q-Laser System, a line of veterinary and human use lasers. “I hit the anti-aging jackpot when I met Larry,” advises Fitzgibbons. “Listening to Larry tell me how his low level laser uses less than one watt of power to produce what is best described as a “healing light” was enough incentive for me. I knew that buying one was going to put some cha-ching in my pocket every day for the rest of my life,” says Fitzgibbons. “I don’t have health insurance, so using the low level Q-Laser device for prevention is like money in my pocket. I believe it keeps me out of the doctor’s office.”

Everything on Earth, including all vertebrates and humans, is made up of atoms and has mass. Atoms make up cells, which make up tissue, which make up organs, which create entire systems. The health of all cells is based on cellular energy. If cells don’t receive enough energy, they weaken and the organism becomes sick. To be healthy, cells need exactly the right kind and the right amount of energy.

Every time you or your pet gets injured or becomes sick, energy flow to the cells is disrupted at the atomic level. If the energy flow at the cellular level is not restored, sickness lingers and it takes longer for injuries to heal. “The Q1000ng low-level laser, with the 660 and 808 FlashProbes, restores cellular energy by delivering electrons back to the atoms that make up the cells,” advises Lytle. The Q1000ng laser, whether it is labeled for veterinary use or human use, works the same way.

Manufactured in Rapid City, South Dakota, the QLaser system is cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale to treat symptoms of osteoarthritis of the hand. The benefits of the Q-Laser are due to its cluster of 20 lights—eight light-emitting diodes (LED) and 12 true laser lights, arranged in such a fashion as to create a soliton wave. The human body emits soliton waves in the form of invisible infrared waves.

“I haven’t had to understand exactly how my laser has worked for the last 10 years to know that it works for me,” says Fitzgibbons, who has used himself and his dog as the subjects of his personal research. “My dog, who was dragged off by a coyote, benefited from my laser when I used it on the three bite marks on his neck,” advises Fitzgibbons, who proudly says that the dogs bite marks healed in three days, and he had a little more cha-ching in his pocket because he avoided a veterinary bill.

David Fitzgibbons can be contacted at 702-403-5156 or [email protected]

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