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New Mold-Zapping Technology: Saves the Day

Oct 31, 2011 08:38AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Zap! Pow! Bam! and Kapow!

are exclamations more likely to be associated with a Batman fight scene from the 1966 television series than they are with a promotion for decontamination of mold and other biological contaminants from homes, commercial buildings, and hospitals. However, these were the action-packed words that Julia Griess thought would convey a fun and eye-catching cartoon image for how the HygienX cleaning process spars with villainous adversaries like mold and MRSA.

“I wanted to convey a fun spin on a serious subject, without words, that the HygienX Cleaning Process, will always save the day,” says Griess, with a big smile. “In reality,” she explains, “it’s a nontoxic, biodegradable nanotechnology process, which penetrates and coats most surfaces to decontaminate mold.”

Formerly involved in sales, marketing and real estate, Griess understands how mold strikes fear in the heart of buyers and sellers. When the graphic designer handed her the ZAP! Mold Diva logo, a grin of relief spread across her lips. “Its cartoon-like rendering reminded me of Wonder Woman, a favorite character at the annual San Diego Comic-Con, where attendees dress up like movie and comic book characters,” advises Griess. But she has a more serious reason for wanting ZAP! Mold Diva to appear like a super heroine.

Rather than explain the lengthy details of the nanotechnology process, ZAP! Mold Diva immediately conveys the idea. Other decontamination processes for mold require the removal of furniture to safe rooms, demolition and reconstruction, a process that can take weeks and sometimes, months. HygienX is typically a one-to-three-day process that costs far less. For example, for a 2,500-to-3,000-square-foot home, the HygienX cleaning process costs approximately $6,000.

Concerned for the health and safety of agents and buyers, Griess is excited to see that banks are accepting the less expensive and less destructive mold treatment options for their bank-owned (REO) properties. She is also elated with the increased interest shown by local medical facilities, which are considering the use of the new process to reduce and prevent MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus).

Had this technology been available earlier, Griess would have personally benefited. She might have avoided an eight-month long battle with MRSA, which can morph into a variety of illnesses. “What a blessing that would have been; I could have avoided several trips to the hospital,” recalls Griess. “MRSA is like a staph infection on steroids, but the bacteria really doesn’t stand a chance against the preventative qualities of the HygienX process, which ZAP! Mold Diva markets.”

Contact Julia Griess, ZAP! Mold Diva at 760-809-2100 or email [email protected].