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Natural Awakenings San Diego

November 2011 Publisher Letter

Oct 31, 2011 10:07AM

My team and I participate in many local events and expos as representatives of our monthly and new quarterly pet magazine. We know how critical it is to meet and build relationships with local people who make a difference in our community. These events, remind me how important it is to have fun while I work. The Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) fund raising event for Parkinson’s is a good example. This event, led by Pamela Richardson, who now teaches at San Diego State University, was both fun and informative. I was impressed when Pamela told me that the school now offers credit for stand up paddleboarding.

I paddled five miles with my personal trainer, Amika Ryan. We swapped passions, techniques, life experiences, and knowledge that encouraged us to improve our lifestyle and diets. Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis, a local chiropractor, allowed us to demo his private line of SUP Vertex boards, which encourage outdoor fun and exercise, and lead to natural core strength and better health.

At our well-attended farmers’ markets, a steady flow of people socialize and support local farmers and small businesses who are all working to create a cohesive local community. Our feature article, “Economics of Happiness: The New Economy,” exemplifies the need for building strong local communities based on quality of life and satisfaction. I see the same farmers’ market camaraderie when I attend the monthly U.S. Green Chamber events. These events provide an opportunity for me to meet individuals who are behind the green scene. When it comes to going green for health purposes, companies such as Zap Mold Diva offer a safe alternative for black mold removal—an issue particularly important to realtors because it saves homes from falling out of escrow.

My prior experience as a real estate broker alerted me to the economic value of green financing for mortgages, energy improvements such as insulation, weatherization, lighting upgrades, solar thermal, and more. Two local companies, Empowered Energy Solutions and Greener Dawn, offer sustainable solutions and financing too.

Thinking outside the box, and deviating from what we are accustomed to, have become the norm even in the area of time off, which is now time on. Businesses recognize the need for on-the-job breaks, encouraging yoga, relaxation, and wellness centers. New companies, like “Naturally to your Door,” encourage and provide a way for us to eat locally grown organic food by offering door-todoor delivery. Bartering is at an all-time high, and it is visible in many local food barters and meetups that are popping up.

I encourage all our readers to visit all the green venues our community offers and to post their free events on our website. And, I urge all our community partners to support our local economy in any way possible, even when you need legal services such as those offered by attorneys Steven Benson and Theresa Hofmeister.

Smile and have fun,


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