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Safe and Healthy Products for Pet Owners

Pure One Green is dedicated to offering consumers 100 percent environmentally safe, non-toxic products to clean and deodorize their home. In addition to its traditional household cleaners, the company offers an extensive line of safe and healthy pet care products.

The products in the pet line include Spot Check Pet, which removes stains and dirt from carpets, rugs, upholstery and more, without harming the color or texture of the fabric; and Green Again Organic Brown Spot Eliminator, formulated to solve problems with brown and yellow spots caused by high levels of nitrogen in the grass and soil.

Pure One’s odor-control products include Kitty Fresh Organic Litter Box Odor Control Spray, which is kitten-safe and contains a unique concentration of cultivated plant extract and purified water; X-Out Odor Green Pet Odor Eliminator, formulated with organic seawater, cultivated plant extracts and purified water to control the odors associated with pets; Puppy Fresh Organic Breath Spray, to safely control the odors associated with pets’ breath; X-Out Odor Organic Reptile Odor Control Spray, to manage odors associated with reptile enclosures and terrariums; and X-Out Odor Organic Avian Odor Control Spray, for avian enclosures, cages and perch areas.

The company’s Vet Check Green Wash is designed for use in veterinary offices to remove stains and dirt from exam tables, counters, carpets, rugs, upholstery and more; and its Organic Bio Film Eliminator Wash is specially formulated to reduce bacterial growth rates on hard surfaces.

Andy Savant, vice president of sales and marketing, says, “The tagline for our pet products is, ‘We don’t test on animals. We test on people.’” All of Pure One’s products are safe for animals and humans alike.

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