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Natural Awakenings San Diego

December 2011 Publisher Letter

Nov 30, 2011 09:12AM

'Tis the season and like many of our readers, I’m already enjoying the spirit of the holidays. I’m excited to share with you the gift that Natural Awakenings is offering this year—a helping hand with “Uplifting Humanity.” This editorial theme for our holiday issue allows all of us at Natural Awakenings to share many ways to give gratitude and love to family and friends without creating financial or emotional stress. The two simplest ideas: give to others what they need and only what you can afford; and second, create harmony and peace wherever you go and with whomever you touch.

To create less stress financially and emotionally, I am using my Itex barter dollars to purchase a live Christmas tree. This gives me the opportunity to support local barter exchange and living things.

My friends laugh at me when I tell them I always stuff my daughters’ stockings with womanly essentials. I think it’s great to give them what I know they need, use, and appreciate. I also always give gifts of soft bamboo socks and shirts from locally owned Momkids Biz.

For my Thanksgiving dinner this year, I’m trying something different—a fresh-to-my-door delivery of organic produce from “Naturally to Your Door.” I’m looking forward to the fun of exploring new recipes.

I’m also supporting other local businesses by buying gift certificates from: the Lotus Café which has added a second location at Village Hillcrest; Ubuntu; Filtercon; Solana Health; Skin Care Fitness and other local businesses who offer special sustainable holiday treats. In other words, I’m giving as green as I can and inspiring others to be healthy. These are my gifts to both the people I love and our beautiful environment.

I already received my holiday gift from our marketing director, Gloria Taylor Brown—a freshly autographed copy of her newly published book, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt. Although I’ve only read the first few chapters, I’m feeling uplifted and inspired to gain new information and insights about other parts of the world. I’m also feeling drawn to creating an autobiography. The book provides instructions on how to create a personal cumulative history of life experiences. This helps me take the time to see the world I create and live in.

To make a difference in the world, we must first uplift ourselves. Others are inspired by our actions and we become role models. When we accept responsibility for the world we create, “we” can then accept our conscious ability to create a “heaven on earth.”

We need to be more, not have more. Therefore, the best gifts we creative humans can give ourselves and the planet this year is to improve our quality of life, choose a future with common goals, and form a global partnership to care for the Earth and future generations.

I hope my thoughts and suggestions help spark some insight and ideas when you make your holiday wish list.

My wish is for an uplifting of human consciousness so that we can create a sustainable future for all.

Smiles to all and to all a good holiday,

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