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Tobacco to Kill 1 Billion?

Dec 28, 2011 01:38PM ● By Ginger Marable

The World Health Organization reports that tobacco killed one hundred million people worldwide in the 20th century and could kill one billion more this century. To prevent this, governments need to take action to prevent young people from starting to smoke, protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and to help smokers quit. According to American Cancer Society data, approximately 440,000 Americans die annually from smoking and 1,500 teenagers start smoking daily.

How can smokers really keep that New Year’s Resolution for the rest of their lives?

Dr. Mehmet Oz stated that the average smoker tries quitting six times before finding success and offered these suggestions:

  •      Pick a date to quit
  •      Write a game plan, including escape mechanisms
  •      List reasons to quit and reasons to smoke
  •      Avoid triggers
  •      Join a support group
  •      Use drug therapies

Dr. Oz also offered the advice, “Stop lying to yourself that cigarettes give you anything positive.”

“With advanced, personalized hypnotherapy, a motivated smoker can be free from the habit in about an hour—without drugs, support groups or escape mechanisms,” says Dr. Ginger Marable, owner of Absolutely Smoke Free—1 Hour!, who holds a Ph.D. in human behavior and is a certified hypnotherapist/smoking cessation specialist. “The hypnotherapist assists the client to bring the subconscious mind, where habits reside, into agreement with the motivated conscious mind,” she explains. “By disconnecting the habit and breaking up all the triggers,’ she continues, “hypnosis reinforces the client’s personal motivations for quitting and removes all desire for tobacco.”

Marable reports a 95 percent success rate with her hypnotherapy system and offers a lifetime guarantee: “If the client ever returns to smoking, he or she can have a free back-up session.”

For more information or a free consultation, call 760-420-2279 or visit

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