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Personal Balance: Equals Family Balance

Feb 01, 2012 04:29PM ● By Dave Lesinsky

If we’re not careful, the stresses of life could be like carrying a heavy bag of groceries from the car to the kitchen. You’re so focused on getting the bag to its destination without ripping it open that you don’t fully notice the beautiful flowers growing in the garden, the bright blue sky, or the family member requesting your attention.

Your singular focus on carrying this weight grasps too much of your attention, preventing you from being fully present and available to the needs of the people you love most. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that the key to being a loving and supportive family member or friend is by first taking care of yourself.

Start by first attending to how you’re doing, truly noticing how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Do you feel healthy and balanced? If you’re feeling “off-balance,” take the time needed to address the imbalance. This can be done in many different ways.

Sometimes finding balance can be very simple: take a calm walk in nature, schedule time to meditate, have fresh flowers around, or enjoy a bath with your favorite essential oils. You may feel better just from sitting for 10 minutes while sipping tea and listening to your favorite music.

If this isn’t enough, splurge on a massage, relaxing yoga class, holistic medicine consult, or any other style of personal care you enjoy. We’re lucky to live at a time when so many effective holistic practices are available for balancing and healing.

Time for yourself is crucial if you want to stay healthy, present and fully available to your family and friends. Never forget this core principal: When taking the time you need to stay balanced and healthy, your family is strongly impacted for the better. It makes sense…they’re getting the most vibrant and healthy you!

Dave Lesinski (M.A.Ed., RYT-200, AHSP) is the owner of Yoga Blend Seven in Encinitas. Learn more about his practice and the many services offered by visiting or calling 760-533-9713.