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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Natural Awakenings Pet Spring 2012 Publisher Letter

I decided to attend the "Wolf Day" event at Dexter’s Deli for several reasons. I always enjoy participating in events that our community partners present so I can share new knowledge, create new relationships, and stay in touch with established ones. Plus, I needed a break away from my computer and hoped to receive a spark to ignite my publisher’s letter. After absorbing the subjects on holistic healing, raw food connection, and the California Wolf Center, I realized my thinking was reinforced rather than stimulated with new topics. The same themes of holistic healing, compassion for our wildlife, Earth’s finite resources, population control, and all the subjects we are trying to educate and promote with humans is being applied to animals. I listened and watched the participants’ interaction. We are hungry for answers and eager to change the quality of life for our pets and wildlife, both in the wild and in captivity. We love animals. The fact that our quarterly pet magazines get picked up quicker than our monthly magazines at every event we attend solidifies that humans innately love animals. The pet covers attract our natural instinct to care, nurture and coexist and they bring smiles and joy. Our monthly magazine also has a natural pet section offering more natural pet information.

Holistic approaches and positive behavioral techniques—along with an emphasis on prevention—are rapidly becoming mainstream in the animal kingdom. Did you know that Tylenol can kill a cat? The correlation between human and animal reactions to medicines, vaccinations, trauma and abuse need to be carefully recognized, evaluated and understood. Veterinarian Blake made an important point that resonated with me as a publisher and information gatherer. When you search a topic online, select all the other words that go with it; for instance remedies, side effects, causes, etc. This way, you are able to see a more complete picture.

Marketing and salesmanship allow us to find all the latest and greatest products and services and it plays an important role. We also need to recognize the difference between perceptions and reality and that's where our research and knowledge comes in. The reality is we need to go back to the basics in the way we feed and care for our pets. We have to be the voice for our animals because they sure as heck can't speak for themselves. Well, some animal intuitives may beg to differ, but I mean this in a broader sense. Like our children and our Mother Earth, animals are dependent on humans to make the right choices and take responsibility for them.

Speaking of choices, please check out the adorable adoption spotlight pets this month. There is nothing more heartwarming than bringing a recycled pet into our home and hearts when possible.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events. Bring an open mind and heart and have fun.

Smiles, wags and purrs,