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Barn Owls Return

Mar 29, 2012 02:11PM

Hoot and Holla, the mated pair of barn owls that took up residence at The Garden last year and raised a family of four owlets, have returned.  “There are a couple of ways that we can be certain that the pair of owls we are seeing are Hoot and Holla from last year, even though these wild owls are not tagged,” says Pam Meisner, The Garden’s education specialist and guiding force behind the owlcam.  “Barn owls are very territorial, and typically mate for life.  Once they have claimed an owl nesting box as their own, other owls will not use it, and the original residents, if they survive, will return to the same box annually.  This, and the fact that the female owl we are seeing has arrived and laid eggs on nearly the same schedule as last year’s owl is a good indication that it is Holla, with Hoot likely nearby.”

As of today, the owls can be viewed by the public 24-hours a day at the Garden’s website, where the owlcam feeds live streaming video.  The Garden’s “owlblog” will feature barn owl facts and photos, plus daily updates about the birds’ activities.  Visitors to The Garden can view the owls through a monitor within close proximity to the actual nesting box.  And, Pam Meisner will present an owl education program, Ms. Smarty Plants Gives a Hoot, at 10 a.m. in the Garden’s amphitheater, during the Spring Garden Festival on Saturday, April 28. 

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