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Energetic Pollution Solution

Mar 29, 2012 10:17AM

Subtle Energy Solutions is proud to offer a remarkable new product for protecting one’s home and workplace from energetic pollution. The Clean Sweep Spray is a simple, cost effective way to clean any space and is suitable for use in homes, clinics, offices, hotels or anywhere negative energy accumulates.

The Clean Sweep Spray cleans any kind of negative energy. “Tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships and negative thinking, as well as electrical devices and equipment,” says Subtle Energy Solutions President, Shay Arave. “Few people are aware of the fact that these energetic emanations can affect everything from healing outcomes to people's state of mind.”

According to Arave, many practitioners who have used the spray report the energy released has an almost immediate effect on many parameters of the human nervous system, as well as relieving emotional tension and creating a sense of well-being and security. Arave explains, “Overall, the body's entire system is more relaxed and has more energy for dealing with the rest of life’s challenges instead of trying to counteract the impact of negative energies in the environment.”

Clean Sweep is all-natural, water-based, contains no chemicals or fragrances, and is completely safe for the environment. The energized, structured water solution comes in a convenient spray bottle.

For more information, contact Subtle Energy Solutions at 888-301-6773 or visit

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