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Spotlight on Nutrilys Del Mar and the Company’s Founder, Thierry Lerond

Apr 27, 2012 11:30AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

There are businesses that are passionate about their products—and then there is Nutrilys Del Mar —a company that adds a whole new dimension to the word passion. The company, which specializes in marine-based supplements, is fantastically fanatical about several aspects of their products: quality, bioavailability and sustainability. 

Nutrilys Del Mar may be relatively new in the U.S., but has been highly regarded in France and other parts of Europe for over two decades. In fact, Nutrilys’s founder, Thierry Lerond, is considered a pioneer in marine-based supplements. So much so, that he was invited as a guest speaker at the NATO Operations Medical Conference last October in Bethesda, Maryland to discuss why fish oil was such an important element in the diet of soldiers. “The military has a high suicide rate from those returning from Iraq,” says Lerond. “And study after study indicates that fish oil supplements help combat stress and depression while boosting one’s immunity.”

But not just any fish oil. Quality matters to Lerond and it shows. All of Nutrilys Del Mar’s products are backed by more than 25 years of research and many clinical trials.  Plus, Lerond personally guarantees his products because he goes directly to the source. “I travel all over the world seeking out the highest quality product,” says Lerond who prefers direct contact with the fishermen, marine biologists, and others who provide him with the source ingredients for his supplements. “We deal with the ‘caviar’ of marine products,” shares Lerond. “For instance, all salmon has health benefits, but sockeye salmon is like the Rolls Royce, so that is what we use. Even though it might be more expensive, it’s all worth it when it comes to our customer’s health.”

Along with quality, bioavailability also matters to Lerond. “Your body must be able to absorb and utilize the supplements, otherwise what is the point?” says Lerond who notes that around 60 percent of the vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today are synthetic, which means they are counterproductive to one’s health. “Your body doesn’t know what to do with the synthetics. If you are going to supplement, do it right with superfoods that your body can actually use.”Marine-based Supplements

Another huge factor for Nutrilys Del Mar is sustainability. The company is strongly committed to being an eco-friendly organization. “We deal with nature, which is very fragile so we have to protect it,” explains Lerond. “We want to harvest the sea, while at the same time protect it.”

“Your body doesn’t know what to do with the synthetics. If you are going to supplement, do it right with superfoods that your body can actually use.”

While the company could have fared well anywhere in the U.S., Nutrilys Del Mar chose San Diego as their home base for a variety of reasons: proximity to the ocean, the mild climate, and being near a population of Americans that choose a healthy lifestyle. Plus, San Diego is home to a large military base. “The military takes health very seriously, and we are able to support them with our products.” In fact, the military holds a special place in the heart of the organization, because that is where the Nutrilys story began. In 1986, Lerond, a trained rehabilitation specialist serving in the French Airborne Special Forces, began researching methods to help his patients heal quicker and prevent future injuries. As a health practitioner, Lerond employed multiple alternative techniques on the hundreds of soldiers that came to him for treatment. According to Lerond, “I was proud to serve my country applying my skills and expertise to help the soldiers to heal more efficiently from their injuries and pain so that they were able to return to their delicate missions strong and in good.”

After years of research, Lerond became an expert in nutria-prevention with a special focus on the benefits of marine-based products. “Not being content with just lab research, I began to travel the globe to study my passion at the source,” he says.

The company features several programs that are targeted to very specific groups.

High quality supplementsFor instance, Nutrilys Del Mar supports, sponsors and coaches the Los Angeles Police Department’s Underwater Dive Unit. (LAPD UDU). “It’s a very targeted niche,” says Lerond. “These guys are counter-terrorism experts—they’re stressed out and they need all the immune support they can get.” The support they get is the Military Formula product line which has been proven to combat overall fatigue, strengthen resistance and endurance, boost the immune system, enhance wound healing, help the body recover faster from training, increase resistance to cold environments, and optimize mental health and concentration.

Nutrilys Del Mar is also a proud sponsor of Surf Team USA, led by coach Sean Mattison, ISA World Gold Medal Coach (Team USA) former professional surfer, United States surfing champion and founder of Surfcoach USA.  Surf Team USA uses the Nutrisurf® line of products specifically aimed at surfers and other water sport athletes.

However, one doesn’t have to be in the military or a surfing champion to benefit from Nutrilys Del Mar products. The company features multiple supplement lines that address specific health concerns like sexual health and fertility, fatigue, heart and brain health, healthy pregnancy, osteoporosis prevention, and joint health. There is something for everyone and one thing is for sure—quality is never an issue when purchasing products from Nutrilys Del Mar. Lerond has made it his life’s work to guarantee that!

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