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Is it Hormones or Something Else?

Apr 27, 2012 11:54AM ● By Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat

Are you plagued with anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular bleeding, irritability, memory problems, sexual problems, difficulty in sleeping, breast pain, cold intolerance, cravings, heart burn, bloating, or vaginal dryness, etc.?

Are you having difficulties in your personal relationships, career or business and not living your life purpose?

Have you tried Western, allopathic or other alternative modalities and are still suffering?

Were you told that these symptoms were due to PMS, perimenopause, menopause, or that you were experiencing a hormonal imbalance?

What is really happening in a woman’s life? Can all her symptoms be due to PMS, hormone imbalance, perimenopause or menopause? Is it really her hormones?  

Mary-Ann, a 48-year-old nurse practitioner, was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance because of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a low sex drive. She tried many alternative therapies, including natural progesterone cream, to no avail. However, her symptoms of overwhelming fatigue started when she moved to a new town and a new hospital job where she felt that the interests of her patients were not being met. She felt frustrated and inadequate. By the time she came to see me, it was difficult for her to get out of bed in the morning. She was very concerned since all the blood tests by her healthcare provider were normal.

Joan, 53 years old, had been working as an office manager for more than 25 years. During her last visit to the dentist, she felt panicky when she sat in the dental chair and had to leave without having the work done. Joan continued to feel anxious, especially at work. She was told that her problems were caused by hormone deficiency. Even though she did not like the idea of taking any medication, she was prescribed Xanax and HRT. This all coincided with Joan being required at work to take on much more responsibility because of budget cuts.

What was the common thread? These women's symptoms started when they found themselves in situations where they felt out of control. Unfortunately, women are usually in family or job settings that do not fully support them. They tend to the needs of others first, with little or no time left for self. Could symptoms be the sign of a woman’s body reminding her of her own unmet needs?  

We are spiritual, psycho-emotional and physical beings. When we are confronted with a situation that makes us feel we are not in control of our life, the deeply buried issues will resurface as emotional and physical symptoms—the tip of the iceberg. We cannot simply treat those symptoms. It would be like putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound. Real healing starts with treating the root cause. Only then can we find balance in our life—by living in our hearts, not in our heads.

The next time you experience unexplained symptoms ask yourself:

  • Could I have unresolved childhood issues?
  • Do I have someone I need to forgive? 
  • Have I made healthy lifestyle choices?
  • Do I feel good about my work, home and relationships? 
  • Have I been too busy taking care of everyone else?
  • Am I afraid to rock the boat because I am afraid to be alone?
  • Do I stay in abusive relationships because of financial security? 
  • Am I afraid of changes?
  • Have I been ignoring or denying intuitive messages from my body? 
  • Have I been reaching for a quick fix for symptoms?

Listening to your intuition can be a great self-protection tool. It can be the lifeline to what’s affecting your good health. Your body will tell you when something is not right. Listen to it as you would a friend, and become more self-aware of the underlying cause of your symptoms before reaching for medication.

Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, is an intuitive healer with years of training and experience as a board-certified gynecologist. She offers telephone or in person consultations for women and helps them quickly discover the root cause of their dis-ease which usually is hidden emotions. For more information, call 619-850-5030 or visit