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June 2012 Publisher Letter

May 31, 2012 07:25AM

Today is my last day in Europe after a three week adventure. While my head is clear and the skies are gray and dark with rain, I sit and write this letter from Rome, Italy.

Although I had to scramble a bit to make it happen, I made the time to travel to Spain to see where my daughter Kathryn studied abroad knowing that this opportunity only comes once. Family time has always been a top priority to me. And family bonding on a travel adventure only makes it that much more meaningful.

Speaking of adventure, after multiple taxi trips and visits to the wrong train and bus terminals, Kathyrn and I were robbed in Madrid. While we made it out of the incident with no physical harm done to us, we abruptly found ourselves one backpack and one passport lighter.

With God's good grace and our abundance of resourcefulness we made it to France. And lady luck shined on us in Cannes, where Kathryn's classmate just happened to live and own a boat. Synergy at its finest! During our travels to obtain a new passport we stumbled across the marina where the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar was docked. To my delight, I discovered it's the only solar operated boat to make it around the world. Energy efficiency straordinario!

We then took a spontaneous detour to an island called Porquerolles and landed a last minute bed and breakfast for two glorious nights. As soon as we dropped off our bags, we took a walk to the beach. In no time, we found ourselves stand up paddle boarding on the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Such a delight!

Marseilles France ~ Photo by Kathryn Hopkins
Marseilles France ~ Photo by Kathryn Hopkins

Throughout our entire journey we connected with the finest people from all over the world—including our local California neighbors. It was natural networking everywhere we went.

And to add an extra jolt of adrenaline zest to our quest, we took a bike tour thru Rome—without even signing a release waiver! While the drivers in Rome may act like they have the right of way and do drive crazy, economy cars, scooters and mass transportation rule throughout Europe. And that is pretty neat. My intention is to help make safe, efficient economy transportation the norm for us in The States. Won’t you join me?

Extra smiles to the boys with the energy efficient toys,

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