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Sea Plants Help with Weight Management

May 31, 2012 07:25AM

Super Sea Veg®, a dietary food supplement produced by the company FarmaSea®, contains whole fucoidan which researchers have found to have anti-obesity effects. According to FarmaSea founder, Scott Kennedy, “Fucoidan has been widely studied in animals and cell culture experiments for its immune-enhancing and stem-cell generating effects. Researchers undertook a study to determine fucoidan’s effects on fat cells and found that fucoidan significantly inhibited a process known as adipogenesis—the generation of new fat cells—by up to 39.7 percent.”

Super Sea Veg is the only dietary food supplement that consists of a blend of twelve organic edible sea plants—five of them are brown kelps containing whole fucoidan—chosen from over 10,000 species and harvested from pristine ocean waters around the world. “It contains every element and nutrient known to man and more, in concentrated and balanced amounts, in 100 percent vegetable capsules,” says Kennedy. “When taken every day, Super Sea Veg will move your cells, blood and body toward superior biological health and homeostasis.”

Call 866-SEA VEGG or visit for more information.

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