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Jul 02, 2012 07:17AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

If you want to talk to an expert on the supplement industry, Scott Kennedy, owner of FarmaSea® Health LLC, is your man. In fact, much of what he knows will have you eyeing your supplements suspiciously. And there’s one thing he feels certain about—most of the supplements we take are not only harming us, they could be killing us.

So why exactly are our supplements killing us? According to Kennedy, "Because the majority of these vitamins are synthetic—drug chemicals—and our body cannot process them. Synthetic vitamins are acidic and create a slow drain on our bodies which can lead to all kinds of health challenges. The evil part is that they sell these to us in the name of health and nutrition.”

Kennedy is on a mission to change all of that, and he’s doing it using health-inducing whole plants from the sea. His crusade began accidently. Back in 1983, he was a real estate investor on his way to receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration when his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Shortly after, he crossed paths with a practitioner who recommended he put his mother on a daily regimen of a sea vegetation-based dietary supplement.  “I convinced my mom to start taking it and within 90 days she moved into remission, her numbness in her hands and feet disappeared,” says Kennedy. “She’s now 84 years old and has never had another attack.”

Once Kennedy witnessed firsthand the power of seaweed and what it could do for one’s health, he couldn’t turn his back on it. “I felt it was my responsibility to develop the best possible whole food supplements so that people could take these instead of the impostor drug chemical, passing for vitamins.” In 1985, Kennedy founded the company that is now called FarmaSea® Health LLC. From there, he began researching the value of sea vegetation in human nutrition. Studying under his mentor, Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, Jr. of the highly regarded Wachters Organic Sea Products, he acquired a vast amount of knowledge. 

Following the passing of his mentor in 1988, Kennedy, along with his current Scientific Advisor, Dr. Stefan Kraan, PhD Marine Botany, created “the most powerful blend of edible sea plants on Earth,” the FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants, now found in the Whole Food dietary supplement called Super Sea Veg®.  “I’ve witnessed complete remissions of many Scott Kennedy FarmaSeaconditions thought to be incurable. It’s true that many conditions are not curable—pharmaceutically,” stresses Kennedy. However, he fully believes that those conditions can be eliminated by adding in the right organic compounds each and every day. Why?  "Because the human body heals itself when it has all the parts it needs,” Kennedy says.

So how exactly does the seaweed work its magic? One of the ways is that it nourishes the thyroid gland. “Once your thyroid starts getting seaweed every day, suddenly you’re sleeping better; you’re more focused and concentrated; your skin, hair and nails improve; you have more energy and suddenly you’re exercising more. It’s because your cells are able to dump toxins once the thyroid begins up-taking the vegetable iodine it's been craving from the seaweed.”  Iodine is essential for healthy brain function and metabolism, along with a healthy endocrine system. “This crucial nutrient is mostly absent from our Western diet because it is not found in the soil,” says Kennedy. “It is, however, found in the sea.” And so to the sea Kennedy goes to source his raw material. But not just any seaweed will do. FarmaSea has impeccably high standards. According to Kennedy, “Only the best species of sea vegetation, from the best water in the world will do.”

For those wondering if there are products for children or pets, the answer is yes on both counts. “Children and animals need their iodine too,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy urges each of us to take a look at the supplements we’ve been taking; if they aren’t whole foods, we should switch to some that are. “Remember,” he says, "Every major degenerative disease increased in the population taking supplements, over the past 80 years.”

In the spirit of health, Kennedy invites readers to take the 90 Day Challenge to find out what Super Sea Veg can do for them. “Just try it out for ninety days, don’t even think about whether you’re going to take it after that time frame,” he explains. Since FarmaSea offers a 90 day money back guarantee on their products, the 90 Day Challenge seems like an opportunity not to pass up.

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