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All Creatures All Ways

Jul 02, 2012 07:18AM ● By Meg Harrison

You make all the right choices for your animal’s physical wellbeing including health care, diet and exercise. What about their mental and emotional needs? You can help by providing access to flower essences that I call “emotional nutrition” improving emotionally charged, problematic behaviors. Animals are easy to help and simple in their acceptance of our assistance. They feel our intention to help just as they can feel fear, anger and distrust. As an animal behavior specialist, I have talked to hundreds of pet parents and found their top concerns are helping pets adjust to change, overcoming stress, and eliminating negative behaviors.

Good news

Bringing home someone new, going to a different groomer, or a change in your household schedule can be equally catastrophic to your animals. Some pets shut down, becoming withdrawn or depressed, while others may act out aggressively. Passive-aggressive is chewing your favorite objects or “forgetting” where the litter box is located. No matter what their actions are, the same flower essence remedies balance extreme personalities. Use a blend of Arnica essence to release negative memory, Star of Bethlehem for shock, Yarrow for environment, and Clematis for improving mental outlook. Use Passion Flower essence for usually well-mannered animals who seem confused by their own behaviors.

To help shelter animals, rescues and the newly adopted, we do not need a complete history of the individual to resolve negative behaviors. Also, time does not matter when it comes to flower essences’ efficacy because it does not matter whether the trauma or shock happened years ago or yesterday. Essences eliminate the root cause of the disturbance. For emotional hurt, confusion, or post-traumatic stress use essences of Gentian, Mimulus for fear, and Sweet pea for gentle kindness.

Reptiles need love too

My first jaunt outside the world of horses, dogs and cats was with Dude, the iguana. Dude had become dangerously aggressive due to rough handling from fearful and inexperienced people. Because of his escalating negative behavior, Dude was deemed unadoptable and restricted to living in a wire cage and rarely touched for four months when I met him. The people present that day were unfamiliar with flower essences and challenged me to help Dude. There was only one young girl willing to pet Dude through the wire.

The same essences proven to gentle abused horses and dogs that had turned aggressive were chosen for Dude. I put several drops of Gorse essence for hope, Mustard for depression, and Gentian for hurt feelings on the girl’s right hand and then she touched Dude with her left hand. None of the remedy was put directly on the iguana. Immediately, there was a brand new positive behavior, Dude rolled his eyes up, and his skin softened and was easily rotated by the caregiver’s fingers. When he leaned closer to her with his body relaxing against the cage, one young man, said: “I’m outta here. This is too spooky for me!”

Three weeks later I went back to check on Dude. He was not in his cage. When I asked where he was, someone told me his behavior improved so much that a family soon adopted him. I asked what happened to the bottle of flower essences and was told: “We gave it to a woman with an angry duck!”

Meg Harrison, creator of Black-Wing Farms’ Remedies, has 38 years of experience successfully using Flower Essences to treat and permanently improve problematic behaviors in 15 different species. Uses of her remedies were well proven in the wake of California wildfires, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Texas tornadoes, and Japan’s tsunami. Call 760-728-9900 for a free consultation about any animal. Flower Essence information and lecture schedule at

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