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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Decode Your Dreams Workshop

Jul 02, 2012 07:17AM

A workshop titled “Bridging Night and Day: Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams” is being held on Saturday, July 21 in Encinitas. Workshop facilitator, Patricia Ariadne, Ph.D., MFT, asks, “Who are you at night? Your dreams can give you valuable insights into all aspects of your life. Dreams can help you with your relationships and in making important life decisions. They provide guidance on everything from your business affairs to health issues.”

According to Ariadne, dreams can provide invaluable guidance for individuals struggling through transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one, or the loss of a home or job.

The four hour workshop offers information on how to remember and record dreams, apply the insights of dreams to daily life, and covers some of the latest dream research. Participants will take home materials to continue their dream exploration after the workshop. “Attendees will learn to find the answers to everyday problems as well as their deepest life questions by learning the language of their own dreams,” says Ariadne.

Dr. Patricia Ariadne is a licensed psychotherapist who uses dream work in her private practice. She has written several books, one of which is on the dream-inspired work of several well-known artists. Patricia has been interviewed for TV, radio, and newspapers regarding her approach to dream work.

Location: Cantebria area, Encinitas (exact address upon registration). For more information, call 760-445-0805 or visit

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