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Natural Awakenings San Diego

September 2012 Publisher Letter

Aug 30, 2012 07:09PM

“Choker” Mikey and “Captain” Antonio Black Sparrow Pirateship

Most of us recognize the hate/love relationship we have with technology. The foreverevolving learning curves can be challenging. In order to streamline my workflow, I spend hundreds of hours learning about the newest tools to deliver healthy living news and services to our community.

Working smart in itself is creative since it offers us the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and make time for the things we love doing. It is our choice whether we become hooked by technology or allow technology to unleash us. Like most things we sometimes have to be excessive in an activity to find the happy median.

I have learned to accept and appreciate the rapid technological flow that engulfs us. It’s like a riptide. If we don’t fight it, eventually the strong current will ease up, release us, and allow us to swim peacefully to safety.

I travel with my work as a publisher, but the key word is travel. I love my work and the opportunity to travel. I’m currently writing this letter from the publisher with much joy and love in my heart after spending a mini-reunion with my lifelong friends and family. I am constantly reminded and rewarded with my iPad and all the creative bells and whistles that it offers allowing me to take the time away from my desk.

I extended my visit to Florida to spend a long weekend with my family and two adorable great nephews. My brother (grandpa) and I (the great aunt) were able to spend time on a pirate ship with my great nephews. The kids were dressed up as pirates before boarding the pirate boat. The crew did a fabulous job creating an adventure out to sea. The climax was finding “Jack the Pirate” —the pirate who stole the key to the treasure—out on what appeared to be an abandoned floating raft out to sea.

The 20 kids dressed as pirates hosed “Jack “ down with water cannons and then punished him further when he came onboard by making him wear a glittering silver disco hat. This was a glorious form of creative expression that was enjoyed by both the children on deck who participated and the spectating adults viewing from the shaded stern of the boat. The kids then got to take a handful of gifts from the treasure chest that was hoisted onboard.

We later took another ferry to Peanut Island with just my brother and nephews and their plastic swords. The boys hacked their way through the jungle and we spent the remainder of the day on a sandbar that we imagined was our newly discovered island. We spent the rest of the day continuing our pirate adventure with cherished memories for the rest of our lives.

And speaking of adventures, photographers and artists will be excited to know that Natural Awakenings is extending a call for cover art and photography. Selected artists will have an opportunity to be featured on the cover of Natural Awakenings magazine and receive a bio that lets readers know how to connect with them.

Walk the plank of life and ride the tides.

Smiles and fond memories,

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