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7 Tips for Healthier Pets

Oct 01, 2012 03:33PM ● By Jessica Lynn

1 The best way to keep your pet healthy is to keep their brain active with regular exercise and play time.

2 Give your pets the best and feed them only organic, natural foods and treats.

3 Recognize signs that your pet may be slowing down. If so, a potential change in diet and/or need for supplements or foods that are more readily digestible may be necessary. Some pets might need smaller, more regular meals, less calories, or limited ingredient, health-enhancing formulas.

4 Finicky eaters may need a change in diet and/or supplements to ensure they're getting the necessary nutrients.  Rotate their foods often, not only for variety but for basic nutrients.

5 A holistic appropriate and natural diet including supplementing with probiotics can boost your pet’s immune health and improve their quality of life.

6 A pet doesn't need to eat every nutrient every day.  A balance of raw meats, fruits, vegetables, limited ingredient kibble (if you feed it) and other natural ingredients over the course of a few days will assure they get what they need.

7 As our pets age, sometimes they need a change in their food, a change in texture, in aroma, as well as ingredients. Many freeze-dried natural foods do just that and are easy to prepare. 

Jessica Lynn is a writer and regular contributor to several horse magazines; the newsletter editor for Natural Horse Magazine; and the owner of Earth Song Ranch, a licensed natural supplement manufacturer and distributor based in Southern California. For more information, call 951-514-9700 or visit

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