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Relax, Replenish and Restore with the Recovery Pump System

Oct 01, 2012 03:33PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Former U.S. Olympic Sailing Team Member, Mark Strube, is no stranger  to overexertion through athletic competition and over-exertion. He’s had sprains, strains, broken bones; you name it, he’s probably had it. “I’ve been beat up physically in athletics many, many times,” he laughs. It’s all par for the course for this athlete with an impressive athletic background—particularly his sailing resume. Not only has he participated in three America’s Cup Campaigns—a member of five teams overall—he’s played arena football, and has been a member of the U.S. Sailing Team multiple times in the last 12 years.

With this background, you can only imagine that he knows a lot about training and recovery. That is why he is so jazzed about the Recovery Pump System®. So just what is this system? “It’s a device that uses active compression to increase circulation and venous blood flow in your legs and feet,” says Strube. “This action helps flush out metabolic wastes so that your recovery time is much shorter.” Strube also notes that it’s not only for post-exercise. “You can also do it pre-exercise for about 20 minutes to get you warmed up,” he says, “the effect feels similar to a warm-up jog, dilating the vascular system and preparing the body for exertion.” Not only that, but it feels fantastic. Easily slip the compression sleeves fittingly Recovery Pump Systemcalled RecoveryBoots® over both legs. This is where the real fun begins. “The RecoveryBoots massage and squeeze every muscle from the bottom of your feet to your hips,” says Strube, “reducing aches, pains and fatigue.”

So how does the Recovery Pump System work? “The base unit pushes air into four chambers in the RecoveryBoots, starting at the feet and working up to the hips,” explains Strube. “They deflate after about 40 seconds and the cycle repeats. This cycle is what forces the body to flush out that metabolic waste and CO2 that is responsible for causing muscle fatigue.” He continues. Recovery Pump Boot“This waste is what blocks the profusion of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. It’s actually a medical grade compression device that’s now available to the public.”

While the Recovery Pump is targeted toward professional athletes like triathletes, marathon runners, bikers, skiers and weightlifters, it’s also a perfect fit for frequent travelers, pilots, flight attendants, or anyone who works on their feet or sits too long at a desk. “It’s great for anybody who feels drained from standing in one position for too long. For me it really helps improve circulation and reduce fatigue.” That includes professional athletes in the NFL, MBA, NHL and MLB. The RecoveryBoots come in five different custom lengths to fit practically any leg from junior athletics to the NBA. “There have been a couple of instances where an NBA player needed an extra-long RecoveryBoot and even an instance where a competitor of the World’s Strongest Man competitions needed a wider fit for his 38-inch quadriceps,” says Strube, “both of which the company made custom for each athlete’s needs.”

Currently, Strube is marketing this product to college athletic departments as well. “It’s a very useful device for athletes playing on college teams,” Recovery Systemsays Strube. “The athletics department could purchase two or three base units and a variety of different sleeves to fit all of the players.” The same goes other teams as well—like families. “One person could purchase a base unit and a couple of different sleeve lengths, the entire family could use it.” And, although the boots might look a little funny to be wearing outside of the home, one could use them under their desk at the office. “The pump system is so quiet you could put the sleeves on underneath your desk at work and the guy sitting in the cube next to you wouldn’t even know,” says Strube. “We see it all the time. Wear them for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then head off to your lunch, workout, etc., refreshed and ready to go.”

Recovery System BenefitsWhat else is there to love about the Recovery Pump System? “Well, for starters, its FDA cleared for use over-the-counter now,” says Strube, “so there’s no longer a prescription requirement to purchase. It has a twoyear warranty, and it’s very portable, weighing in at less than seven pounds.” Plus, it’s super easy to use. “You just put your legs in the RecoveryBoots, zip them up, and turn the pump on. It’s pretty simple. But, oh what a relief it is as the air pressure squeezes your legs, calves and feet. If you compare it to the cost of regular massages and the time spent scheduling and driving to those appointments, the RecoveryPump pays for itself in the equivalent of about 10 massages and you have it forever.”

Strube asks, “If you don’t adequately recover muscle daily, how do you know if you’re at maximum output, maximum endurance, at your Recovery Boots Benefitsfittest?” He believes that technology can carry a person only so far and in the end, power, strength and endurance are the winning factors. “Recovery plays a crucial role in that outcome, whether it’s at the pro, elite, dedicated or weekend warrior levels,” he says. “Often it is recovery that will make the difference between being good and being great. We think the RecoveryPump is a vital part of that recovery process.”

Contact Mark Strube directly at 305-970-5546. To purchase your RecoveryPump System visit In order to get your $25 discount, use the code A11027 during checkout.