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Natural Awakenings San Diego

October 2012 Publisher Letter

EJ Johnson *Elite Team Captain* Head Paddle Designer lets me ride his custom YOLO surboard.

As a society we are being forced to take responsibility for our own behavior and actions. We have exploited our environment and created a generation of entitlement with our display of abundance and waste. We are all individually responsible and collectively, we need to quit blaming others and take responsibility for our actions before Mother Earth packs her bags for good.

Toxic environments pollute our minds and well-being as a whole. The best place to begin removing toxic wastes is in our homes. In addition to physical hazardous waste and chemicals, more importantly, we need to remove mental toxicity in our households. Mental toxicity is difficult to label and therefore easy to deny. We need to recognize if a family member and or friend displays unhealthy and dysfunctional behavior around our family unit. Our children will inevitably act out and our family unit will be polluted.

Mental clean-up is usually the last item in our household that we want to take responsibility for. Why? Because we have to get honest with ourselves and clean up our own mental environment first. This is not an easy task. However, when we enable and make excuses and turn blind eyes to our toxic behavior in our very own homes, eventually the toxicity will explode in some area of our lives and consequences will be paid. More often than not, we don’t act until we absolutely have to.

Blue moon Yolo Stand Up Paddle group
Blue moon Yolo Stand Up Paddle group

The good news? We are never too old to change! That’s right. While Mother Earth has shown us the consequences of our behavior in the big picture, it’s not too late to create positive changes in our environment.

Recently, I cleaned out my mental closets of all internal toxicity and created new, healthy boundaries. While it was challenging at first, the end product was well worth it. All of my fear, resentment and anger was released in the process. As a result I created a healthy, clear mind and boundaries. I feel so fantastic I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Better late than never, right? Dr. Hoppe’s healthy mind article is a good example of how we all need to clear our mental clutter to lead a satisfying life. Healthy, happy people create healthy, happy environments. And healthy, happy people are infectious; they allow others to become healthier and happier people. And it spreads, and continues to spread all over the globe. And the best part? It makes Mother Earth healthy and happy too.

Down to Earth smiles,

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