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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Mammogram Alternatives Seminars

During the month of October, throughout San Diego and Orange County, seminars will be conducted by Lisa Kalison, CCT, a professional health consultant with 34 years of research on living a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. She states, “Recent legislation protects the 40 percent of women who have dense breast tissue from the 50 percent probability of mammograms missing cancers. The requirements are that patients with dense breast tissue, who are also at a higher risk for breast cancer, be informed that they should seek alternatives.”

The seminars will present and clarify the various alternatives and adjuncts to mammograms, including ultrasound, Thermal Imaging, MRI and others. According to Kalison, “Seminar attendees will learn why nearly 40 percent of women avoid annual mammograms; why 40 to 60 percent of breast procedures are unnecessary; and that 75 to 80 percent of biopsies are benign and how to avoid them.”

Attendees will learn how to save thousands of dollars using methods that prevent unnecessary procedures and how to find affordable breast screening.

A list of locations and dates can be found at or by calling 760-436-8811.