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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Passion and Purpose for a Healthy Recovery

Oct 31, 2012 02:33PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Former U.S. Olympic Sailing Team Member, Mark Strube, may not be sailing right now, but that’s OK with him because he’s found a new passion—The Recovery Pump System®. The pump, which connects to two RecoveryBootsTM that slip over a person’s legs, is a device that uses active compression to increase circulation and venous blood flow in the legs and feet.

If you visited the Natural Awakenings booth at the recent Urban Surf 4 Kids PaddleFest 2012 in Bonita Cove, you might have been one of the lucky ones that got a chance to zip your legs into a pair of Recovery Boots. Strube brought two pairs so that booth visitors could try them out.  At first, he could sense that people didn’t quite know what to make of the boots. But that soon changed. He shares, “You should have seen how several people’s confused looks turned into instant smiles once they got a chance to experience the boots.” Once other booth visitors saw and heard how refreshed people were after using the boots, a long line formed. In fact, the boots drew so much attention, at the end of the event while other booths were breaking down, people were still huddled in the Natural Awakenings tent awaiting their turn. “I felt bad,” says Strube, “but eventually I had to tell the group that I had to unplug.”

So what’s all of fuss over some funny looking boots? “Let’s just put it this way,” says Strube. “I was so blown away by this product that I’ve been promoting it since the first day I was introduced to it.”

Strube vividly remembers the day he was first was introduced to the boots back in 2011. “I was participating in a sailboat race in Tampa, Florida, when we had one of those light air days without enough wind. So that meant no sailing.” Instead, he and a group of sailors hung out on shore at the Davis Island Yacht Club when an old acquaintance of Strube’s, Doug Weatherby, walked into the club. The pair had sailed together in a regatta in Tampa Bay almost two decades previously and hadn’t seen each other in years. Strube was unaware how this chance meeting with Weatherby was about to change his life.

Weatherby had a pair of Recovery Boots with him so the sailors could try them out. One of the sailors was a doctor who excitedly touted the health benefits of the Recovery Boots. Most of the sailors at the club were fascinated with the boots—including Strube. “Once I got my legs in the boots, I was hooked,” he shares. In fact, Strube was so captivated by the boots that Weatherby insisted he test drive them for as long as he wanted to. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. “I was amping up my Olympic campaign,” says Strube. “So I took the boots all over the world and got a lot of interest in them, especially from the sailing community.”

And he has been touting the benefits of the Recovery Boots in his spare time ever since. Recently, Strube acquired a hip injury that resulted in his needing to have surgery. But rather than seeing this as a hindrance, he is actually excited about being in recovery. “Recovering from my injury will give me a lot of more time and energy to spend on my new passion—spreading the news about these amazing boots,” he says.

Recovery Pump, the company that developed the Recovery Boots, sets up Recovery Lounge Areas at many athletic events like triathlons and Ironman competitions. Mark Strube loves the recovery lounge concept and believes it is the best way to really demonstrate the product. Plus, he gets such a kick out of witnessing a person’s first time wearing the Recovery Boots. And that is why he makes it a point to let as many people as possible try them out in person in his mini, portable, recovery lounge.

Strube is on a one-man crusade to get the citizens of San Diego County to try out the Recovery Boots for themselves. He will be demonstrating them at various events and expos throughout the year, as well as setting up shop in high exercise areas, such as Ponto Beach. “These boots have literally changed my life,” he says. “I think it is such an amazing product, that I feel it is almost my duty to let as many people know about it as possible.”

Contact Mark Strube directly at 305-970-5546. To purchase your Recovery Pump System visit Use the code A11027 during checkout and receive a $25 discount.

Who Can Benefit from the Recovery Boots?
• Athletes of all ages and abilities
• People who stand on their feet all day
• People who sit in cubicles all day
• Frequent travelers, whether by plane, car, train or RV
• Training centers and teams
• Sports therapy practitioners