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‘Voodoo in My Blood’ Book Review

Nov 30, 2012 11:01AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Don’t you love books that are so captivating you can’t put them down? That was the case for me when I got my hands on a copy of the newly released Voodoo in My Blood: A Healer’s Journey from Surgeon to Shaman by San Diego-based medical intuitive and renowned gynecologist, Carolle Jean-Murat, MD. The book takes readers on an enthralling journey through Jean-Murat’s life as a young girl growing up in Haiti to how she became the renowned healing practitioner she is today.

The book details Jean-Murat’s fascinating history as the granddaughter of a Voodoo healer, growing up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during a time of political unrest. It was also a time when the Catholic Church had been declared Haiti’s official church, so we learn early on that Jean-Murat felt that she had to hide the Voodoo part of her heritage as she strived for a better life for herself.

When she was a child, her Voodoo Priest grandfather tells Jean-Murat that she is destined to be a healer and we witness her journey as she blossoms into a prominent and well-respected female ob-gyn surgeon. However, she always had a feeling in the back of her mind that she was neglecting her roots. And in getting back to her roots, we observe her true path begin to take shape.

Jean-Murat’s story is filled with an abundance of successful moments along with an equally large number of heartbreaking moments. It is a raw tale, told with unwavering truth about the string of challenging choices she had to make in order to become the woman she is today—a woman that is true to herself.

As readers, we get a rare opportunity to witness someone’s intuitive side kicking in as Jean-Murat shares how she begins to receive messages from her inner self. The more her intuitive side reveals itself, the more she trusts and listens to it. And the more she trusts her intuition, the better able she is to become the true healer she was destined to be.

Overall, it is a book full of hope that each of us, no matter what our struggles, can become the person we were meant to be.

For more information about Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat and to purchase the book, visit

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