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Sedona 2012 Festival: Shifting Into the NOW Age

Nov 30, 2012 11:01AM

The curious date of December 21, 2012 (12/21/12), has been anticipated as a milestone for humanity. Some have prophesied it as bringing the end of the world, a time of cataclysm, a shift in consciousness or myriad other speculations. What is agreed upon by many masters and spiritual teachers throughout the world is that this year marks a turning point when humankind will walk through an energetic portal and make the greatest leap in our spiritual evolution, a feat unsurpassed in history.

This significance of 2012 was predicted by nearly every major spiritualbased culture including the Mayans, the Hopi, and the Egyptians, as well as being shared through numerous modern-day channels. The process that mankind is now going through is similar to hanging a string of Christmas lights on a tree and then plugging them in. Each bulb has to be checked and sometimes replaced but when all is done, there is a point when the lights are turned on and we’re ready to celebrate. This is what’s happening with the year 2012. This is not just another year nor just another significant year in our evolution. The year 2012 is the year wherein mankind begins its actual ascension into higher dimensions—the remembrance of our Divine Nature. From this point forward, our lives will never be the same.

Masters from every nation, thought system and tribe throughout the planet, acknowledged or not, are being called to activate their lightbodies and local temples, as well as the gridlines and vortexes throughout each region, as a means of preparing for humanity’s quantum leap into a new dimension. The planet and all of its inhabitants are now preparing to celebrate the holiest of days; the birthing of the realization of our divinity.

To usher in this auspicious event, hundreds of people committed to a spiritual path will gather in Sedona, Arizona, home to one of the world’s primary energy vortices, for the Sedona

Patricia Cota-Robles
Patricia Cota-Robles
2012 Festival: Shifting Into the NOW Age, hosted by Unity of Sedona. On December 21 and 22, leading spiritual teachers and authors will share their wisdom, supported by workshops on ascension and 2012 prophesies, inspiring music and other activities worthy of this momentous occasion.

Speakers include renowned author Patricia Cota-Robles, known for receiving information from beings of light in what she terms the Realms of Illuminated Truth; Michael Mirdad of Unity of Sedona and bestselling author of You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up; Shamanic practitioners Carey and Elsa Stokes; Aleya Annaton, author of The Technology of God; authors Jewels Maloney, Fran Grace and Sally Reeves Conway; and Susanna Sophia, who receives transmissions of divine light from Beloved Sophia, the divinely feminine face of God.

Presentations include a premiere video showing of Messages of Hope for 2012 and Beyond, with messages from illuminated thinkers that include Gary Renard, Gregg Braden, Aeoliah, Jonathan Goldman, Eric Pearl, Jean Adrienne, Theo, Steven Halpern, Steve Bhaerman, Sondra Ray, Nicky Scully, Thomas Moore, John Randolph Price, Dee Wallace, John Van Auken and Jean Slater.

Michael Mirdad
Michael Mirdad
Festival events showcase New Age and World Music performances by Grammy award-nominated guitarist Ralf Illenberger, Native American flutist and singer Randall Standswithbear, versatile musician and drummer Three Trees, singer-guitarist Cara Marie and drummers Julia Mueller, Tina Reichow and Claudia Tulip. Other performances include a Sufi dance with Gabrielle Young Young and a ceremonial dance with Amalia Camateros.

To assist in the buildup of energy and intention, festival participants will facilitate group sacred ceremonies and personal processes, including ascension meditations, breathwork, dances of universal peace, drumming, yoga, prayer, meditation and chanting. Healers and psychics will be available for individual sessions and readings. Works by several of the region’s finest artisans will also be on display.

The Sedona 2012 Festival: Shifting Into the NOW Age is dedicated to raising the consciousness of everyone on the planet to the highest possible level of personal spiritual awareness. What better time and place could there be to focus our attention?

Attendance is limited, so early registration is recommended. The cost is $25 for Friday and $50 for Saturday or $60 for both days. Meet at the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa, 90 Ridge Trail Drive, in the Village of Oak Creek, in Sedona, AZ. Festival hours are 4 to 9 p.m., December 21, and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., December 22. For more information and to register, call 928-282-7181 or visit

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