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Natural Awakenings San Diego

December 2012 Publisher Letter

Each month I make time to connect personally with my community partners who support this publication. I often hear feedback that my magazine reflects my life. And it’s true as my most recent life updates are revealed to locals and friends across the miles.

I have chosen, or perhaps Natural Awakenings has chosen me, to do what I do best—connect people and their purposes. This exemplifies this month’s theme of Awakening Humanity and the “me to we” mindset that is happening and necessary to make the transformation from competition to commiseration. Our senior managing editor, Linda Sechrist, who wrote our December feature article “It’s All About We” travels to San Diego to join me in this crusade. Yes, it starts with the individual, the publisher who commits to a “me to we” transformation. From there it spreads like wild flowers as so many of our lives are entwined through this magazine.

Just recently, I traveled to Aruba and was in awe to discover that it is a “green” island with windmills generating the island’s power. In fact, a great majority of the island’s population is living green and it all started with their mindsets. I heard it from the taxi drivers, the tour guides, and the fishermen. I even heard it from the Starbucks barista who wanted my autograph to share with her family since our magazine also shares the same message of “sustainable living.”

This shift is obvious in our environment, our economy, our politics, our relationships. Storms like Sandy are yelling global warming. Internal hurricanes are blowing our minds and those who pay attention are experiencing awakening consciousness. I for one cannot ignore the pull and the changes that are occurring inside and outside. I am not at peace until I

Vader Piet Wind Park, Aruba
Vader Piet Wind Park, Aruba
make the internal change that begs for my attention and action. All that is happening and changing is necessary to bring change and meet the shift that is required of us, in our minds, hearts, families, communities and our planet earth.

Once we acknowledge our inner struggles and make an effort to change what is not working, we begin to create a natural cycle of goodness and kindness that becomes our new norm. We must begin by changing the destructive habits that are so ingrained in us, yet so easy to ignore. Each individual is a collective unit and our individual actions have a profound effect on everyone and everything. Does it matter in the end who is right or wrong or who is to blame? What does matter is recognition of our individual part in every action and consequence we bring upon ourselves. Our hearts know what needs to be implemented to bring humanity together as a whole.

The time has come to bring a profound change to our world. This year, instead of succumbing to stressors that often come with the holidays, let’s all take the time to take care of our inner selves, as well as the outer world. This way, we can authentically spread holiday cheer, peace on Earth, and goodwill toward all of Earth’s creatures.

Smiles and happy awakenings,

Elaine Russo San Diego Publisher