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Exotic Protein for Dogs

Stella & Chewy’s recently launched Simply Venison, a new venison dinner that delivers on the great taste pets naturally crave. "Our retailers and consumers have been requesting exotic proteins from Stella & Chewy's, so we are pleased to enter into this segment with our venison dinners,” says founder and president, Marie Moody. “Our venison formula is made of 90 percent venison with organic fruits and vegetables and enhanced with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Consumers will read the label and see the difference in ingredients and purity.”

Simply Venison is a single-source protein formula, meaning each contains only the protein for which it is named. “Exotic protein formulas can be very beneficial for dogs with allergies to other more common protein sources,” explains CEO Jen Guzman.

Stella & Chewy’s products are made at the company’s own plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the company is sourcing its venison from New Zealand. “We take great pride in manufacturing our own products and sourcing quality ingredients. It is part of our dedication to healthier and happier pets,” says Moody.

The company is also planning on launching its single-source rabbit protein formula in early 2013.

Stella & Chewy's is only available at independent retailers such as Pupologie in Encinitas and Pet Nutrition Center in Carlsbad. For more information, visit