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Natural Awakenings San Diego

January 2013 Publisher Letter

“Bare Bones” tour at the NEW Bastyr University in San Diego.

I’ve been out and about in the community with our senior managing editor, Linda Sechrist celebrating Natural Awakenings San Diego's upcoming fourth year of publishing. We travel into 2013 sampling wellness menus and living this month’s theme and dream: Health and Wellness. It began with a visit to The Chopra Center where I renewed my need to meditate again. A stop at the new Bastyr University to check out the program they are offering in our own backyard had me daydreaming of going back to school and nudging my daughter to change her degree!

I trained in Pacific Beach with my nutrition and fitness coach, Sandra Blackie, who is also featured in this month’s community spotlight. I also gave my legs a special treat by slipping them into some Recovery BootsTM.

My adventures continued as I was held afloat and returned to birth and beyond while a water dance instructor swished and swooshed me through water for an hour of heavenly bliss at Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa. I never realized all the hard training and passion that fed these instructors. They hope to make water therapy mainstream as it has been found to be very beneficial and healing for a variety of health conditions, including autism. Water therapy is even used on pets! 

My next visit was to the Sanoviv Wellness Institute located in Mexico. I'm happy to report that integrative medicine with cutting edge alternative treatments is growing rapidly. My visit to Sanoviv was a storybook of medical dreams. A van picks you up and safely delivers you to a spectacular location with an expansive ocean view from every room. Evaluation happens at every level resulting in individualized integrated treatment plans delivered by a team of passionate professionals. Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by a nutritionist, psychologist, MD, biochemist, natural dentist, chiropractor and other medical professionals with dual degrees.

Crossing the border from San Diego to Mexico and utilizing integrative medicine requires mind travel. Leave your physical and mental baggage behind. Pack your bags this new year

Test driving Recovery Boots with Mark Strube.
Test driving Recovery Boots with Mark Strube.
with new gear and travel with us into the world of integrative medicine and travel back in time to grass roots. Fill your mind, body and soul with nutrients and health plans tailored to your own personal needs.

Those wanting to get healthy a little closer to home can check out Metabolic Balance's innovative healthy European diet. Tune up your bodily engines with a Shirodhara and Abhyanga oil treatments at Envision Personalized Health and prepare for a new year.

Our body knows what is best for us. We drive to thrive. Many healthy vehicles are available for us to test drive. Buckle up and find the ride that works best for you.  Pay attention to your engine. Speed bumps mean slow down; stop means stop. Check your engines, check your lights, and keep your eyes on the road for new, healthy sights.

Smiles to a new you and a new year,