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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Give Back by Losing

Now is the time to participate in a special opportunity to “Give Back by Losing” by signing up with a Metabolic Balance® coach to reach your New Year’s weight loss goals.

Each Metabolic Balance weight loss participant gets a program designed just for them that is tailored to their unique body chemistry. This scientifically proven method consists of an innovative four-phase program that is structured and easy to follow. Because there is a natural adjustment period, it eliminates hunger, cravings and the dreaded weight loss plateau. Participants can even dine out on the program.

“Imagine being rewarded $4 for every pound you lose between now and March 31, 2013,” says Metabolic Balance coach, Lori Cassidy. For each pound loss, $2 is rewarded directly to each client via a gift card and $2 is donated to Action for Healthy Kids whose mission is to promote good health and learning among our children.

“Not only can you experience optimal wellness and improved health,” says Cassidy. “You can give back to a great cause by helping in the fight against childhood obesity, and to yourself while on your way to your ideal weight.”

For full details or to schedule a free consultation, call 760-450-4447 or email [email protected].