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Metabolic Balance Certification Seminar

Dr. Wolf Funfack, the founder of Metabolic Balance®; author of nine books; and a leading world authority on metabolism, nutrition and weight management will be teaching the essence of the holistic Metabolic Balance program in a 3-day certification seminar being held from February 22-24 in Marina del Rey.

Attendees will receive the latest in-depth knowledge regarding the metabolism and its essential roles in energy and fat production; its effects on personal health, diseases, and the life-changing benefits personal nutrition has in correcting metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalances, and for increasing one’s longevity. Further training in coaching methods, client management, and the steps required for developing truly personalized nutritional plans allows attendees to become certified as a Metabolic Balance coach and add this renowned German nutrition program to their practice or business.

Participants will also learn the supporting science behind the Metabolic Balance methods that allow overweight individuals to reach their ideal weight and maintain it permanently without yo-yo dieting, packaged foods, pills or injections. Moreover, Dr. Funfack will demonstrate—through documented independent study—the remarkable improvements experienced by participants in regard to their laboratory values and their health-related quality of life.

Learning this sensible, tested and proven method will allow attendees to empower patients and clients toward sustainable, positive life practices that increase body wisdom and one’s internal desire to follow their body’s true nutritional and health needs.

For more information, visit or call Leonard at 619-894-7893.

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