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10 Tips to Help Lose the Holiday Weight

Dec 27, 2012 01:14PM ● By Lori Cassidy

Now that the holiday season has passed, are you willing to experiment with these tips for losing those extra pounds? These are seemingly unorthodox perimeters, but they work. Check them out.

1. Ā Eat only natural, healthy foods by learning the glycemic load and glycemic index of the foods you typically eat.

2. Learn the quantity of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that will maximize your health and metabolism and commit to it each day.

3. Eat exactly three meals a day.

4. After each meal, take a break of at least five hours before beginning your next meal to allow for fat burning.

5. Begin each meal with one or two bites of your protein portion to stabilize your insulin levels.

6. Eat only one type of protein per meal.

7. To ensure the burning of fat, don't eat after 9 p.m. or allow a 10-hour rest period before your next meal.

8. When eating foods with fat, select whole-fat foods, not low-fat or non-fat products.

9. Eat an apple every day as one of your fruits.

10. Look for a plan that can be created based on your unique nutritional needs according to your blood values.

Lori Cassidy is a certified Metabolic BalanceĀ® coach. Metabolic Balance offers a personalized nutrition roadmap that changes your relationship with food. For more information, visit

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