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Natural Awakenings San Diego

March 2013 Publisher Letter

Feb 28, 2013 10:29AM ● By Erin Floresca

Showing off our new hairstyles.

Back in October, when we realized that another Oregon winter was upon us, my husband and I plotted our escape. We just needed to get out of the gray skies for a while and be in a place that the sun would shine freely upon us, and we could be outdoors as much as possible. We also wanted a place we already felt a strong connection to through Natural Awakenings. All of the above pointed us directly to San Diego. If I could sum up my trip to San Diego in one word, I would choose “magical.” Why? Because that is how everything has felt since I’ve been here. I can see why it’s such a coveted place to live, and why so many of the locals I met would never imagine living anywhere else. I’ve spent the month exploring the charming coastal towns, taking long strolls through Balboa and Mission Bay Park, meeting with old friends and new, playing with my daughter at magnificent playgrounds, watching the sun melt into the Pacific Ocean. I’ve also spent a great deal of time eating! I have to say, I have felt like a kid in a candy store. The sheer number of restaurants that cater to veg/gluten-free diners like myself is impressive. I could stay here another few months and not feel like I’ve gone to every restaurant I want to visit. One of my favorites, which also happens to be one of our advertisers, is Lotus Café & Juice Bar. Their menu is filled with fresh, healthy foods to please any palate in any mood. And their new location in Hillcrest is gorgeous.

It’s also been a pleasure spending quality time with the amazing Elaine Russo, the publisher of this fine publication. She is such a passionate woman and so dedicated to the health and well-being of the San Diego community, it’s inspiring! It’s also been my pleasure getting to know some of the other people who make up the San Diego Natural Awakenings family. For instance, I met with Vic Curro of Naturally to your door, a super-dedicated business owner who, along with his wife Marissa, delivers fresh, organic fruits and vegetables right to your San Diego Sunsetdoor. Charlotte St. Amour, owner of Salon Amour in Encinitas, is a delightful stylist that gave my daughter and I happening new hairstyles (see photo above). We met dog psychologist Linda Michaels and, because of her, got a chance to hug a gorgeous 21-month old wolf named Journey in a park in Del Mar one sunny afternoon.

Thank you, San Diego community for rolling out such a fabulous welcome mat for us. We’re enamored with all that you have to offer and we will be back to bask in your magic very soon. And thank you all of our readers, advertisers and contributors, for helping to make San Diego the vibrant, healthy community that it is.

May your days be filled with sunshine!

Erin Floresca Natural Awakenings