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Natural Awakenings San Diego

New Energy Healing Sanctuary in Encinitas

A new energy healing sanctuary has opened in Encinitas. Visitors to the Pulsed Therapy sanctuary, founded by Harry Lectora, will get to experience the MAS Special Multi+, a MAS magnetic field therapy device. Although new in the U.S., MAS magnetic frequency therapy products have been used for 23 years in Europe.

The MAS Special Multi+ is a frequency generator that consists of a pad that contains a series of copper coils driven by a small computer device. “The computer drives impulses into the pad and creates a cocoon of energy, a multiplicity of frequencies that are healing to the body,” explains Lectora.

According to Lectora, “We are energetic beings, and all of these electrical fields that we are constantly being bombarded with have a great impact on our health.” The MAS Special Multi+ can counteract the bombardment with a frequency sweep, which helps purge the body of all of the “havoc-producing frequencies.” “Bathing in this great magnetic field, using frequency therapy,” says Lectora, “we have the chance to realign ourselves.” The device can also do more therapeutic healing and assist with pain management.

“Come and learn how to develop ‘Heart Intelligence’ and bring your body into Coherence with Schumman, Earth Frequencies and others,” says Lectora. “Experience ‘energy resets’ with our ‘harmonic frequency sweeps,’ heart rate variability testing, and more.”

Location: 729 Regal Rd., Encinitas, CA. For more information, call 760-274-7173 or visit See Event Spotlight for details on MAS conference being held Friday, March 8 in Carlsbad.