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Naturally to Your Door

Feb 28, 2013 10:29AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Vic and Marissa Curro

What does a newly married couple with a passion for clean eating and a desire to make healthy, organic foods available to as many people as possible in their community do? Why, they embark on a great adventure like starting a company that delivers farm fresh, organic fruits and vegetables right to your door. Well, at least that’s what Vic and Marissa Curro did. And not only has Naturally to your door celebrated one year in business, the success they’ve had so far has surpassed their expectations. “We’re growing quickly and have had lots of great feedback from the community,” says Vic.

What prompted this pair to start an organic food delivery service from scratch? “We didn’t see anything like this in San Diego,” says Vic. But they really wanted something like this in the community. So, they pondered, why not create it themselves? Soon after the idea was conceived, Naturally to your door was born and it’s been an exciting journey so far.  Both Vic and Marissa enjoy every aspect of the business. According to Marissa, “I really enjoy learning and being exposed to a wide variety of organic produce that I haven't eaten before, and learning about the benefits of eating organic and local as well as sharing that knowledge with others.” 

Another aspect she appreciates?  “Meeting the farmers and the local purveyors we work with has been such a great experience,” she shares. “Developing a good relationship with the Marissa Curro Naturally to Your Doorlocal farmers has been an important and enjoyable part of our business. I think it’s very important to know who grows your food and where our food comes from.” Vic couldn’t agree more. “I love all the farms we buy from; the people are awesome. It’s encouraging that we’re all on the same path.” The entrepreneur in Vic also loves being his own boss and while he says he has less free time now than he’s ever had in his life, he admits, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

And, of course, they are truly grateful for their loyal customers. When it comes to decision-making, they always have their customers’ best interests in mind. To begin with, they do everything in their power to keep the program as affordable as possible so that as many people as possible can participate. “Ideally, everybody should have access to clean, organic food. I’ve done price comparisons on many of the local stores that offer organic produce,” explains Vic. “Our produce is, on average, 20 to 30 percent cheaper, and delivered right to your doorstep.”

Naturally To Your Door OrganicsVic and Marissa are both educators at heart. A quick visit to the Naturally to your door website will confirm that. The site features a wide variety of healthy recipes, a comprehensive list of storage tips for fruits and vegetables, and a blog filled with all kinds of pertinent health information. “We love to educate our customers on what delicious foods they can make with the foods delivered in their boxes,” says Vic, “and to ensure that their produce stays fresh.”

Why spend the time to educate? “Because everything is so different,” says Vic. “The way to keep some produce fresh won’t work for other kinds of produce.” And for the pair, it’s all about value. If their clients are happy and well-fed with clean foods, they are happy. 

Going along with the theme about keeping their customers happy, another amazing aspect about Naturally to your door is that customers can customize their box to ensure they will enjoy every piece of produce that is delivered to them. Naturally To Your Door

While Naturally to your door is keeping the couple busy enough, they have even bigger dreams which include getting a 5-10 acre ranch. “We want to create a homestead,” says Vic, “a working ranch/farm where people can come and learn about how to farm.”

One thing is for sure about this couple—they are the real deal. “This business is a lifestyle to us,” says Vic. “We eat everything we sell and practice what we preach.” In fact, Vic is becoming a certified nutritionist so he can help educate his customers even more on nutritional aspects. “I believe that Naturally to your door has brought us closer together in our marriage and has strengthened our relationship as we share a common vision and goal,” says Marissa. “It feels amazing to share something you are both passionate about and contribute to society together as a couple.”

Pre-pay discounts are available for those who pay in advance. For more information, call 858- 946-6882 or visit

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