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Meet Ambassador Journey

Apr 01, 2013 02:52PM ● By Linda Michaels

If the thought of interacting with a wolf-like creature makes your heart leap, meet wolfdog Journey, selectively bred for social-butterfly abilities and wolf-like appearance.  When he wags his tail, bobs his head and starts to wriggle, he’s saying, “Pet me!” In fact, many people are joyfully surprised they can pet him.

Journey loves people, traveling and new challenges. His mission is to debunk the Big Bad Wolf myth and to act as an advocate to save our precious, endangered wolves in the wild, as well as those in rescues and sanctuaries.

Approaching his second birthday, Journey weighs in at 90 pounds and can stand at 5’9”. Staring into those golden amber nuggets makes one’s soul soar. He eats species-appropriate raw food, peppered with a variety of wholistic supplements.

Journey lives at Wolf Creek Ranch with his pet parent, Julie. He loves the family cats, running his acre pasture, and watching goats and llamas grazing. Journey is a “poster pup” for dog-walking harnesses. “It’s a matter of mutual respect,” Julie tells us. “Journey is the air that I breathe and the spirit that sets my heart free.”

Hear Journey howl at YouTube: Linda Michaels Dogs. Visit Journey online at

According to Julie, at four weeks of age Journey was “placed in a shopping cart and into the store he went.” The pair went to busy public places each day for the first year of his life. Now he strives to meet as many people as possible; especially children whom he adores.

Journey’s been seen locally at the Balboa Park Powwow, Del Mar and Lowes Surf-dog-a-thons, Thanksgiving Dog Day, Bates Nut Farm Kennel Club Dog Show, and the Del Mar Pet Expo. He swims in the ocean. He’s “been skiing” at Big Bear.

Wolfdog ownership requires a serious life-long commitment, thorough research, appropriate housing, acreage, early ultra-socialization, and training the Positive Reinforcement way. Just looking at and petting Journey is a bucket-list dream come true.

Linda Michaels, “Dog Psychologist,” MA, and Victoria Stilwell-licensed North Coastal San Diego trainer and speaker may be reached at 858-259-9663 for private obedience instruction and behavioral consultations. Visit

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