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Alkaline Living Expert: Dr. Robert O. Young

Apr 01, 2013 02:52PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Dr. Robert O. Young

San Diego County is home to Dr. Robert O. Young, MS, D.Sc., Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of pH Miracle, Inc., and author of the globally renowned book series, The pH Miracle. For over two decades, this zealous health pioneer and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, have helped transform thousands of lives for the better with their innovative alkaline diet and lifestyle program, The New Biology®.

Living an alkaline lifestyle means ensuring that one’s body maintains the proper pH level for healthy functioning. So what exactly is pH? According to Young, “pH is an acronym that means the potential of hydrogen. Having the proper pH levels means your body fluids are perfectly alkaline. In our world, that means ‘perfectly healthy’.”

Young states that the human body has perfect alkalinity by design: 7.365 to be exact. However, all functions of the human body are acidifying. “There are metabolic acids, respiratory acids, dietary acids, and environmental acids that can all be very toxic,” says Young. “Our bodies have systems to manage that; but with years of acid-producing lifestyle choices—like toxic foods, thoughts and lack of exercise—that system breaks down.” These body functions produce waste products that, if not managed properly, can end up killing us. “The body actually pulls alkalizing elements from itself to maintain the perfect alkaline state,” he says. “Most people don’t even realize that many of the health symptoms they experience are due to over-acidity.”  

That is where Young’s lifestyle program comes in handy. “The New Biology teaches us that there is only one sickness and one disease,” he says, “and that is an acidic lifestyle. Health comes from making alkaline choices. The New Biology is a new way of living, thinking and eating. It shifts responsibility back to each individual to make healthy lifestyle choices.”

One way of ensuring that we are alkalizing is to eat foods high in chlorophyll—green foods—like kale, spinach, broccoli, avocados, green beans and wheat or barley grass.

The basis of his program is to sustain proper alkaline levels in our body fluids. “Everything we eat, drink and even how and when we exercise should all be an attempt to help maintain alkalinity,” says Young. One way of ensuring that we are alkalizing is to eat foods high in chlorophyll—green foods—like kale, spinach, broccoli, avocados, green beans and wheat or barley grass. “Green foods produce strong, healthy stem cells in the gut,” says Young, “which helps keep our blood clean.” Healthy, pure blood is needed to build good muscle and strength. “Start maintaining a lifestyle that supports healthy fluids in your body and you could prevent, even reverse many diseases,” says Young, “without drugs, surgery or radiation.”

According to Young, the program is simple—we just need to change what we are eating and drinking and start exercising. Young, who refers to himself as an “internal environmentalist,” says, “Everybody is talking about cleaning up the environment, but we also need to focus on our internal environment.” He explains that most of us don’t realize how dirty we are on the inside. However, if you attend one of his programs, he’ll make sure to show you. “When you have visuals, it really helps you to understand how important inner cleanliness is. We point out the internal pollution to people to ‘scare them alive’,” he says.

Healthy Tip: Use lemon or lime in place of vinegar and soy sauce in recipes.

So what can we do right now to start getting our bodies into more of an alkaline state and take charge of our own health? We can begin by following the acronym WOMAN:

W: Drink alkalizing water; at least 1 quart per 50 pounds of weight per day.
O:  Build oxygen by exercising at least 1 hour a day.
M: Add mineral salts into your diet. Dr. Young suggests extra sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium in bicarbonate and chloride forms.
A:  Lead an alkalizing lifestyle.
N:  Eat plant-based nutrition.

All of the above will help lead us toward a healthier state. The cleaner our internal body and our inner fluids are, the healthier we are and, therefore, the happier we are. And isn’t that everyone’s main goal anyway? To find happiness? For those of us who have experienced ill health, it’s pretty apparent that the road to happiness is paved with good health. If an alkaline body equals perfect health, then it would be advantageous for us all to become acquainted with The New Biology lifestyle program.

For resources, healthy recipes and to learn more about Dr. Young and the products and services he offers, visit

Dr. Young recommends removing the following items from the diet:
• corn: This includes all forms like corn syrup, corn chips, polenta, etc.
• peanuts: This major food allergen is also susceptible to a toxic mold, aflatoxin, known to be a potent carcinogen.
• vinegar: Vinegar is acetylaldehyde which is a known neurotoxin. It has a pH of less than 2.5. This includes all forms, including apple cider vinegar.
• chocolate: Once it is roasted, it becomes highly acidic. High amounts of sugar then have to be added to it to make it palatable.
• soy sauce: This includes other fermented soy products as well, like tempeh.
• dairy:  All dairy products are acid-producing and create mucous in the body.
• mushrooms: Mushrooms are fungi and break down living and dead bodies.
• animal proteins: This includes all animal protein, including beef, chicken, pork and fish
• alcohol: Alcohol is a strong acid that is toxic to the liver.
• sugar: This includes all sugars, including xylitol and sugars that end with an “ose” like fructose
• soda: This includes regular, diet and all-natural sodas.
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