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American Made Electric Cars Available Locally

Apr 01, 2013 02:52PM ● By Dominique Gardon

We all want to reduce our environmental impact in as many ways as we can. From water conservation to organic farming, every little bit helps. One area that is on the forefront of many people’s minds is eco-friendly transportation. It’s hard for many people to give up their cars, but now there is a solution so you don’t have to. Reducing the environmental impact on our planet can be a part of our daily lives. We can do this with water conservation, permaculture, ecology education and the support of local business and resources.

Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) are American-made, 100 percent electric low speed vehicles designed to fulfill your eco-conscious transportation needs. With zero emissions, an operating cost of two cents per day, and extensive use options and modifications, responsible travel is possible.

GEM’s are street legal on roads posted 35 mph or less, making them perfect for community transportation, taking the kids to school, heading to the farmer’s market, or the beach. Use them on pathways, paved or unpaved surfaces as well as on turf. They are comfortable and thoughtfully designed, and offer multi-passenger seating. There are 2, 4 and 6 passenger models with small cargo options. Whether it’s running errands or running your business, the versatility is there.

Plus, if you need to haul cargo, the truck models were created just for that purpose. The eL models are ideal for hauling or moving cargo and equipment. The eLXD model, for example, has passenger room for two and a load capacity of up to 1,100 pounds on a 70” to 48” flatbed or with cargo boxes.

Charging a GEM is easy; you simply plug it into a three-prong outlet. A single charge will produce up to 40 miles of travel. A full charge is attained in 6 to 8 hours; a quick charger upgrade is available.

The options for these vehicles are extensive, with three different kinds of doors, locking cargo spaces, truck beds (both short and long), dual tool chests, cargo boxes, golf carriers, stake back truck beds, ladder rack truck beds, rescue skids,  and other customizable features, it is easy to make it work for your unique aspirations.

All that being said, there is now, finally, a viable option available to the public to reduce our transportation footprint on the earth, quietly and responsibly.

Dominique Gardon is the GEM Account Manager at Midway Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram & GEM, located at 777 Camino Del Rio South in San Diego. She can be reached at 619-224-4151 ext. 165.