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Natural Awakenings San Diego

May 2013 Publisher Letter

Mothers and friends traveling to Mexico.

Along with being the mother of San Diego’s Natural Awakenings magazine, I’m the mother of two daughters. I have a lot of heartfelt experiences and wisdom having birthed such abundance in one lifetime. The happiest days of my life have been giving birth. I had what I refer to as "post-partum mania" after delivering two daughters. When I revisit my motherhood, it makes me think of all the businesses and/or ideas I gave birth to as well. All mothers of accomplishments, dreams, inspirations and positive changes can share on this most glorious holiday.

Publishing a Natural Awakenings magazine is referred to as giving birth to our babies. Natural Awakenings founder, Sharon Bruckman, always asks her new publishers: “so when is your baby due?” Then she follows up with hearty congratulations when you’ve delivered you first baby. I went into labor with San Diego's first edition of Natural Awakenings in 2009 and delivered my first issue in January 2010. Unlike childbirth in its truest sense, I give birth every 30 days. It is the fruits of my labor that produce euphoria.

As the magazine grows up, so does my role as publisher. It’s similar to raising kids. I know I do the best job that I can as a parent. It’s guaranteed that I’ll make mistakes along the way and learn and grow from them. I’ll continue to make less as I grow older and wiser is the plan. Life as a parent as we know it.

It was my daughters who introduced me to my long-time, healthy adult friendships. I was exuberant to meet other women who were action oriented. San Diego became my home quickly

Earth Day at Balboa Park.
Earth Day at Balboa Park.
and remains so for over 20 years now. Within my first year, I purchased a tent trailer and we camped out in Mexico for seven summers. We looked like a scene from the  Grapes of Wrath hauling all types of unimaginable self-made Baja rigs to shelter our families on a piece of ocean side cliff we claimed staked as home base. It was always an adventure that no four star lodge accommodations could hold a candle to in my family’s eyes.

I just returned from a short but wonderful trip to Baja. It reminded me of peaceful simplicity and the longing of nature that dwells inside. It stays with you for a lifetime. Moms are constantly creating and organizing cherished memories like these. Another reason to say happy Mother's Day.

Feel good, live simply and smile more,

Elaine Russo San Diego Natural Awakenings