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The Honest Kitchen

Apr 30, 2013 02:36PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

The Honest Kitchen company founder, Lucy Postins, fell into her passion almost by accident. Back in 2002, she was preparing a homemade raw food diet for her dog, Mosi, but, as Postins explains, “it made a huge mess in my kitchen. I wanted to give him a whole foods diet, without all the mess and inconvenience.” At some point during that year, she began dehydrating Mosi’s food. “There was no lightning bolt moment when that thought occurred to me,” she recalls. “I’ve just always had an appreciation for a healthy, fresh homemade diet.” She realized that by taking out the moisture elements of the raw food diet, she could more easily and conveniently feed Mosi a whole foods diet. Turns out, others in the San Diego community liked her idea, too. Later that same year The Honest Kitchen was born.

What started out 10 years ago as a simpler way to feed her dog a healthy diet has now become a global company with distribution in Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. “We actually have a waiting list of international companies that want us to export our products,” says Postins.

Postins likes to ensure that animals have a variety of foods in their diet to help keep their immune systems strong. “Over the generations, as pets began to eat more processed foods, their immune systems became more depleted,” explains Postins. “This is due to a lack of a broad spectrum of nutrition in their diets.” Since food allergies and sensitivities are becoming more prevalent, The Honest Kitchen also offers formulas for pets with special dietary needs and only uses each ingredient in a limited selection of recipes, to accommodate pets with multiple allergies.

Postins also guarantees that all of the food in their products is human grade. In fact, Postins and her staff, along with the 12 or so dogs that come to work in their office every day, are official tasters. “We taste the food when we’re putting together new recipes in development,” she says, “and we taste all of the finished products when they come off the production line.”  She and her staff—the furry ones, too—also enjoy sampling the foods that vendors present to use as ingredients in the formulations. “It’s essential that we choose the right ingredients from the beginning. For example,” says Postins, “let’s say a vendor brought us some green beans to sample. Important traits would include color, aroma and how robust the flavors are.”

One really neat aspect about The Honest Kitchen is that all of the employees are invited to bring their pets to work. “They absolutely love it,” affirms Postins. “It creates a more light-hearted atmosphere. It also keeps us healthier by encouraging us to take more walks. And if things get a little stressful, it’s nice to see a pair of big brown eyes gazing up at you.” Plus, PupologiePostins adds, their customers really appreciate that they truly are all animal lovers.

Another key element about the staff is their goal to educate the public about the link between food and health. “So many pet owners are spending hundreds of dollars each month to deal with their pet’s chronic, low grade health condition,” says Postins. “What we really want them to know is that a healthy, whole foods diet will improve their pet’s health in the same way that it improves our health.” 

If you really want to get a feel for the philosophy and the people at The Honest Kitchen, just take a trip out to This fresh, inviting site instantly gives visitors an overall good feeling about the company. Website visitors can find all the information they need about the pet foods available, read the story about the company’s history, and view staff bios. The resource section is full of pertinent information on keeping your pet healthy; it even features plenty of homemade pet food recipes. One area of the website that Postins is particularly excited about is the True Stories section. This is where website visitors can read and post their own “eat good, feel good” testimonials about how The Honest Kitchen products changed their pet’s lives. “It’s compelling to let our customers do the talking,” says Postins. “And here is where they get a chance to bring their stories to life.” Not only that, but their pets get to become an official company poster pet.

If there is one key message that Postins would like all pet owners to know, it’s this, “Bring fresh ingredients into your pet’s diet on a daily basis,” she says. “You can do so much good for your pet just by doing this one thing.”

The Honest Kitchen pet food formulas will be on sale at Pupologie, located at 123 N. El Camino Real, Ste. G, in Encinitas during the entire month of May. For more information, visit

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