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Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Lifestyle

Apr 30, 2013 02:36PM ● By Dave Lesinski

A friend of mine owns a salon. When I visit, I’m able to observe the amount of money men and women spend on hair, nails, makeup and body. I can’t help but also wonder how much time and money these people spend cultivating inner peace, love and harmony. Seeing these types of physical body trends in our society is what drives me to teach simple, modern, stress-releasing techniques to my clients. 

Just imagine what efficiently de-stressing the body does for skin and hair health. The fact is, tending to the "inner-landscape" will support the physical body improvements many of us are making and maybe even save us money down the road.

When the word "spirituality" shows up, many of us think about monks, yogis and priests. Words like renunciation, church, temple and "letting go" bounce around in our heads. This is where a modern Ayurvedic lifestyle can come into play. Focusing on ancient and easy to apply, yet powerful strategies that fit within your modern lifestyle can help uplift your spirit, shed emotional baggage, and allow you to move forward in life with vitality and excitement. 

Support the physical body improvements you are making by developing your "inner" being and be ready to live the life you always knew you were capable of!

Dave Lesinski is the founder of Modern Ayurveda Living. For more information, call 760-815-6591, or visit

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