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Up Close and Personal Interview with Jeff Primack, Founder and Visionary of Supreme Science Qigong

Deanna Cook: I had no clue of really what Qigong was prior to this interview, but now after watching you train instructors for a week, researching your testimonies, and trying some of your smoothies, I think it’s very important for people to know exactly what Qigong is. So, let me begin by asking you what is “Qigong” really all about?

Jeff Primack: Qigong is the art of harnessing Qi which directly affects the blood flow and is an exercise that makes your blood pulse. This pulsing occurs by moving Qi using specific breathing techniques along with postures and slow, graceful movements. Qigong also encompasses using healing foods, herbs, acupressure, yogic stretches, all of which energize the body, increase vitality and accelerate metabolism.

Qigong is circulation; the term “blood flow” is synonymous with “moving Qi”. Many studies confirm practicing Qigong reduces drug withdrawal in heroin addicts by 50 percent. Studies also reveal that Qigong boosts the immune system and is beneficial for those fighting cancer. Dr. Oz was quoted as saying that if you want to live to be 100, do Qigong. These techniques originated over 3,000 years ago by mountain wanderers, people who were highly activated by Qi.

DC: I practice Yoga a few times a week and find the methods of Qigong to be quite different. Can you tell us how Qigong is different from Yoga or other healing therapies like Acupuncture?

JP: Good question. Qigong is different from Yoga primarily because it requires slower, more gracious movements to harness our electromagnetic field. Some Qigong exercises build muscle or speed, but most are a pulsation of Qi through the body. Qigong is the “sensation of energy” and is highly tangible. A few advanced systems of yoga, like Kriya Yoga, have striking similarities to Qigong in that they move energy directly. However, compared to most systems of Yoga, Qigong has a much greater emphasis on precise breathing techniques. Qigong deals with smaller movements of the abdomen to circulate Qi and more precise movements of the hands, rooting into the earth and opening up pathways of energy. Yoga works with energy, but to a lesser degree, and although we practice and love yoga, Qigong does what Yoga cannot. We train many thousands of yoga teachers and they are always blown away by the tangibility of Qi experienced at our seminars.

In regards to Acupuncture, Qigong doesn’t use needles for treatment. However, Qigong is Self-Healing and directly affects the source of disease, which is poor circulation to various organs and body areas. Acupuncture is excellent for eliminating many health issues, but the fact Qigong can be done by yourself, free of charge, makes it special. Most acupuncturists are strong believers in Qigong and some actually prescribe Qigong exercises to their patients in between treatments.

DC: I was blown away after doing your “Breath Empowerment” exercise. I was actually buzzing inside! Using scientific terms, can you tell us what this buzzing is and what happened to my body?

JP: “The Buzz” is a reaction caused by increased levels of oxygen and negative ions that accelerate the vibration of mitochondria. Many describe the inner buzzing or vibrational feeling as a natural high. It activates the body’s natural endorphins and dopamine. This form of activation helps the blood cell structure become “rounder” and improves the health of blood cells. Bacteria and cancer thrive in an anaerobic environment (low oxygen) and therefore Qigong breathing techniques can help kill harmful microorganisms and reverse infections from candida and many types of skin breakouts caused by harmful bacteria overgrowth. Eating alkaline foods can help do this, however the breath is simply the most direct route to transform the blood. A few medical doctors have explained to me that Breath Empowerment creates a highly alkaline condition in the blood. I believe it after seeing the images of live blood cell analysis before and after doing our techniques.

DC: Jeff, I understand you have a book called Conquering Any Disease. According to the many testimonies, Food Healing has helped hundreds of your students reverse asthma and you even have students that have successfully reversed HIV Aids and Hepatitis Virus. This is a major breakthrough. What led you to the food healing science that you are so admired for?

JP: I was an asthmatic until my early 20s; at that time I was looking for alternative treatment. The first study I found showed that children in Italy who consumed five to seven servings of Supreme Science Qigongkiwi a week had 40 percent less incidence of wheezing compared to children who didn’t eat kiwi. I began strictly enforcing that all my students with asthma eat two kiwis every day in addition to consuming other foods and herbs. Behold, it worked! I even had a few students say I gave them kiwi in their dreams! With these profound results, including other phytochemical rich foods that boost lung function, this became one of the protocols.

The viral healings were perhaps the most startling revelation. My close friend and fellow Qigong teacher, Dietrie Yamini, gave her mother with Hepatitis B & C my antiviral food protocol with no expectations; doctors can no longer find any traces of the virus in her blood after 30 years of having it! Another student, Emily Sunderland, discovered my book from a friend and her HIV viral count went from in the millions to completely undetectable in a few months. She is avidly teaching our Food Healing program to other sufferers of HIV and believes the Qigong also played a big role in her results.

(Part 2 of the interview appears next month.)

Interviewer Deanna Cook has owned several organic restaurants, is a holistic celebrity chef and has appeared on the Food Network. Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher who has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and has taught over 40,000 people in live seminars.

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