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Natural Awakenings San Diego

The Key to Radiant Living

Dave Lesinski, founder of Modern Ayurveda Living, is pleased to announce that in addition to his group Emotional Detox programs, he now offers the program on an individual basis.

The program, which gives participants an in-depth understanding on how the body harbors emotions, offers a solution-focused way to manage those emotions. Lesinski, who aims to help the average “householder” efficiently deal with health concerns, explains, “We can chase symptoms around all day, but to efficiently heal an ailment, we have to look at the emotional aspect of that issue. And then, we can cut it off at the root.”

Lesinski, whose background includes extensive work with children and adults, says, “The work I’ve done with kids, adults—and with myself—confirms that at the core of every physical ailment is a deeper-rooted issue.”

The Emotional Detox program includes several videos, meditation consultations—either in-person or on the phone—and an Energy Restoration Therapy session that, according to Lesinski, “is a form of solution-focused energy work that nourishes and balances your emotional-body, allows the release of deep-seeded stress, and provides a detailed list of remedies for life-transformation.”

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