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New Energetic Health Testing Method Offers Relief

IAT (Integrated Assessment Technique) is a new, advanced and accurate method of medical kinesiology muscle testing practiced by Dr. Rabia Barkins, a holistic doctor of chiropractor and board certified clinical nutritionist. By integrating functional medicine—an organized, holistic approach to physiology and body chemistry—and medical kinesiology, a doctor now has a powerful tool for identifying the underlying cause of any health issue, the best lab tests and treatments.

According to Dr. Barkins, this method far surpasses all other holistic screening methods that she’s used in the past 30 years.  “Many people find fast relief with treatment after the IAT screening test since natural remedies, lifestyle and diet changes can be targeted using the best functional medicine treatment,” she says.  

“For example: someone has bloating and gas. How would a doctor find the cause?” asks Dr. Barkins. “There’re many possibilities: reduced digestive enzymes, stress, bacteria, candida, food allergies, parasites, etc. With an in-office IAT screening, if the digestive/allergy reflex point is weak, then specific foods can be tested. If it reveals that the client has a dairy, strawberry and almond allergy, for instance, those foods can be eliminated and the gas and bloating will subside.”

Dr. Rabia Barkins has a private practice serving San Diego County.

For more information on IAT technique, call Pathway to Health in Encinitas at 760-942-2764 or visit