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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Dave Lesinski with Modern Ayurveda

Jul 31, 2013 10:45AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

In 2008, Dave Lesinski AHSP, E-RYT200, MA.Ed., was introduced to Ayurveda. Soon after that introduction, he trained to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Not long after receiving his accreditation, this former special education teacher and yoga instructor left Michigan to start anew in San Diego. And he’s been rooted in the Encinitas community ever since his soft landing here.

Why Encinitas? While Lesinski used to travel the coast of California regularly, he hadn’t spent much time in Encinitas until a friend of his suggested he should check it out. “He said it was such a spiritual place,” recalls Lesinski. “So I came here late one night and stayed at a local motel. I woke up early the next morning and walked over to the Starbucks on the 101 in Encinitas. I grabbed a tea and sat down outside by the fountain. As I sat down, I remember feeling like I was home.”

Two years later, he became an Encinitas resident, set up his holistic business Modern Ayurveda, and has been blending Ayurvedic techniques with his background in education to help his clients become happier, healthier people. He does this through his holistic health consultations and workshops, and Energy Restoration Therapy.

According to Lesinski, “Energy Restoration Therapy (ERT) is a form of solution-focused energy work that nourishes and balances your emotional-body, allows the release of deep-seated stress and provides a detailed list of remedies for life-transformation.” The therapy has become quite a hit with Lesinski’s clients as he’s noticed that over the course of the last year, over half of his clients are working with ERT. “I love this trend. It shows that people are more interested in the deeper levels of healing,” he notes. “And that translates to people really focusing on living happier, more fulfilling lives.”

Lesinski believes that any symptoms going on in a person’s physical body stem from their psyche. “Lots of people are making dietary changes and all of that is great start, but there is more to the story,” says Lesinski. “What I’m really interested in is the deeper levels of healing.” His role, he says, is to support his clients with the rest of the story. “I'm here to support you not only with your diet, exercising and supplements but also with your emotional patterning and larger life lessons.”

He likes to help people lighten the load on their emotional baggage. He uses this example. “If you were to break your leg, there would be a handful of things that would show up in your life because of this injury,” he explains. “You didn’t choose to have these issues show up as part of your life, it’s just a natural result of the injury.” According to Lesinski, emotional injuries are the same. “Just like a broken leg, there are going to be a handful of things that become a part of who you are. For instance, say in fifth grade you were laughed off of the stage during a presentation. That embarrassing moment becomes a part of you. And until it is processed, it will remain a part of you.” 

But, Lesinski assures us that these happenings should not be construed as negative, but rather our stress patterning should be seen as divine gifts. “This is where we get a chance to learn and grow,” he says. “Our lives will be challenging at times, but when you step into it and take these challenges on, you take on a new energy. And that energy is beautiful; it is so powerful.”

Lesinski has a refreshing view of the world and doesn’t believe we should be rating things in our lives as really positive or really negative. “Anything that happens to us is just part of our story; part of our flow. And everything that is part of that flow supports us in our evolution,” he says. 

Lesinski’s goal is to help, what he calls “The Householder.” He explains, “These are the people who are raising a family, going to work every day, participating in the community. The path of the householder is paved in the relationship world and it’s our job to fill ourselves with love and light until that is what we are.”

Lesinski is especially gifted at helping householders fill themselves with love and light by holding a nourishing space for each of his clients. “People need to feel supported,” he affirms. “I create a safe place for them. I support them by restructuring their energy flow and creating a plan for growth to take with them outside of my office...a plan for empowerment.” Empowerment, according to Lesinski, “happens when we let go of the emotional baggage and stress allowing for a fresher, lighter and more radiant energy to take its place. We must look at balancing the mental/emotional body along with the physical body when treating serious illness, including cancer."

When we each fine-tune who we are and bring that version of ourselves forth into society, it makes for a better world. “And since one size does not fit all, I’ve got quite a long list of strategies to help each individual,” adds Lesinski.

Dave Lesinski has an office in Cardiff, CA. He can be reached at 760-815-6591 or by visiting