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Answers Pet Foods Company

Aug 30, 2013 10:57AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

AnswersTM Pet Foods, founded in 2009,  is a certified green company providing non-GMO pet food in recyclable packaging. Jacqueline C. Hill, Vice President of Operations and Product Development of Answers, has an extensive background with the pet industry and the whole foods movement in general. You’d never know this former veterinary technician, horse boarding facility owner, and regional manager of one of the largest raw pet food manufacturers never really aspired to found a pet food company of her own. However, sometimes fate steps in. “I was working for Nature’s Variety and hoped to retire there. When they decided to pasteurize their raw diet I was devastated,” she explains. “So Answers came out of a passion to provide a true raw diet that could be used as the first medicine.” 

Even though the raw pet food movement seems to have only recently hit mainstream, Hill has been using raw foods with animals for more than 20 years. “My education is in microbiology and I worked in veterinary medicine. I started in conventional practices and was surprised at the epidemic of skin and ear conditions and digestive upset, along with other conditions,” says Hill. “I moved into integrative and holistic practices. When I experienced healing chronic ear problems by only changing a dog’s diet from processed dry food to a raw diet, my interest was spiked and my journey started.”

It’s obvious that the folks at Answers are passionate about educating pet parents on how to keep their pets healthy. Just one visit to their website and you’ll discover that. According to Hill, dogs are supposed to, on average, live into their late teens and early twenties. Cats, on average, are supposed to live into their mid-twenties. “We have accepted a new norm of shortened life spans for our pets and that life is a poor quality life due to marketing propaganda convincing pet owners to feed a completely inappropriate diet,” she says. “At Answers it is our passion to provide the scientific information and education so pet owners can make informed decisions when it comes to feeding their pets.”

Not only is their website a great resource, but if you call customer support you’re going to get exceptional customer service as well. “My sister Roxanne and I man the 800 number, pretty much 24/7, to provide Answers for our customers and retail stores that recommend our products,” says Hill.

Sustainability, humane livestock practices and high grade food quality are also important factors at Answers. “They should be important to everyone,” affirms Hill. “For multiple reasons it provides a healthier product. We love all animals and in no way can support confinement feeding of livestock and want to be a voice to make change. We believe we vote with our dollars and we want our customers to know that when they purchase Answers Pet Food they are supporting sustainability and humane livestock practices along with getting a nutritious diet.”

One product that Hill is extremely excited about is Answers Additional Raw Goat Milk Formula, a fermented, raw goat milk product. “It is beneficial for just about any health problem Answers Pet Food Raw Goat Milkbecause it can heal the gut; as the saying goes ‘heal the gut, heal the patient’,” she explains. “It provides over 200 species of probiotics versus probiotic pills or powders having only at best 10 to 15 species. Because it provides probiotics in a whole food form it populates the pet’s gut 100 times better than pills or powders. It provides amazing results for any digestive disorder. Raw goat milk is also a natural antihistamine and fights yeast due to being high in caprylic acid which is so great for itchy skin and ears. It is high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is an amazing cancer fighting fat—not to mention aids in weight control. It is great for healing but also great for preventing health problems and can be added to any diet—dry kibble, canned or raw—and the pet owner will see benefits.”

Many of their clients’ pets have health conditions that have been significantly improved and even reversed by switching to Answers pet foods. They have received glowing testimonials for conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, regurgitation, idiopathic intermittent diarrhea, itchy skin and ears, tear stains, arthritis, kidney and liver disease, cancer, urinary tract conditions, diabetes, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid disease, to name a few. “We have experienced, multiple times, tears of joy—from the pet owner and ourselves—because our pet food helped a pet when nothing else would work,” says Hill. “My favorite customer success stories are the times we saved a pet from euthanasia because their condition was so debilitating and nothing was working until they tried Answers Pet Food.”

In Hill’s eyes, the best thing that pet parents can do to keep their pets healthy is to “educate yourself on what you are putting in your pet’s bowl and on proper veterinary health care. As much as I would like to say we do, we don’t have all the Answers but we are here to journey with you to find the Answers for you and your pet.”

Answers Pet Foods can be found at multiple retail locations in the area, including Pupologie, located at 123 N El Camino Real in Encinitas. For more information, call 800-431-8480 or visit