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Toward a Healthier Workplace

Sep 30, 2013 10:15AM ● By Patricia Boultbee-Wingo

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking forward to going to work each day! Imagine a healthy, happy work environment, whether working at home or in an office, where sick days are rare and conflicts rarer still. The workplace vibrates with health and well-being, creating a satisfying and productive workday.

So what can we, as individuals, do when a positive environment has gone a bit south and burnout has set in? It can be subtle yet pervasive: the sick days increase, productivity starts to slip. Soon negativity creeps in like weeds, entangling everyone in the office. What do we do, take a vacation? Take longer lunch breaks? These mini-solutions may work for a time, but we’re only trimming the bush not repairing the root. The problem hasn’t been fixed. It will grow back.

Well, here are some easy and inexpensive ideas to create and sustain a healthy environment. Most of them are free and they work!

Energize our environment. Many companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, Bed Bath & Beyond and Trump Towers enlist the principles of feng shui to increase productivity and prosperity. Google “office feng shui” for the best way to arrange an office or cubicle to create a satisfying space to enter each day. A couple of quick and easy tips:

a) Keep all cords well-hidden and eliminate clutter to allow a free-flow of energy and ideas

b) Add air-purifying plants to the work environment. Dracaena plants are hardy and do well in artificial and low light. Try a lucky bamboo plant!

Check the company’s health plan and be informed of covered alternative health care options such as acupuncture, chiropractic or massage. Acupuncture is a frequently covered benefit; and its great “side effects” are often—in addition to the reduction of pain or other symptoms—reduced stress, better sleep, a stronger immune system and more energy. Other frequently covered benefits such as chiropractic care will result in less physical discomfort on the job and during non-work activities. In taking care of ourselves we not only feel better, but our revitalized attitudes can create a positive domino effect in those around us. If the health plan has no alternative benefits, suggest to employers that group discounts are often available from local practitioners.

Improve our own health and wellness. Research “Lunch and Learn” seminars, yoga classes or organized activities that employers might bring in during lunch or other breaks. Carlsbad Family Acupuncture teams up with Body and Soul Nourishment to offer upbeat and interactive lunches with Q&A sessions at business offices. Lunch-time yoga can be done indoors, on a lawn or even while sitting in an office chair. These can be at minimal or no cost to a business, or for a small fee paid by the employee.

So imagine going to work revitalized and ready for a successful, happy day in a healthier, happier environment. We can help create a positive work experience for ourselves and for all who work with us!Patricia Boultbee-Wingo

Patricia Boultbee-Wingo is the owner of Carlsbad Family Acupuncture, located at 1207 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite Y, in Carlsbad. For more information, and to learn how your company can benefit from interactive lunches, call 760-729-0115 or visit

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