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New Company Offers Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

Sep 30, 2013 10:15AM

Bob Quintas and Ken Carter with RF BioShield are excited to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from a device designed to shield you against all potentially harmful devices in your home or business that emit EMR. “These devices include cell phones, computers, smart meters, microwave ovens and televisions,” says Quintas.

The RF BioShield is made of oxygen-free copper that encases a special type of crystal that is wound by a specific length and gauge of copper wire. One RF BioShield can protect everyone in the home from EMR. “The RF BioShield can be easily tested for its effectiveness in your own home by using muscle energy testing,” says Quintas. An instructional video on demonstrates how to test for negative energy coming from a cell phone. “Testing is based on the string theory that everything is vibrating energy,” explains Carter. “When a negative energy enters our own energy field, any muscle being tested for strength will go weak.”

“There is more and more evidence that EMR has a negative effect on our health,” says Quintas. “The World Health Organization in 2011 classified non-ionizing radio frequency radiation as a type 2B carcinogen.”

According to Quintas, “Most people who presently use the RF BioShield don't feel any different, although they have the peace of mind that they are doing something to protect themselves. Some people have reported improved sleep and energy.”

To learn more, call 858-755-1229, email [email protected], or visit

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